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PHOEBE Annie Oakley's real first name
PHOEBE See 22 Across
PHOEBE Satellite of the planet Saturn that was discovered in the late 19th Century
PHOEBE One of the friends on Friends
PHOEBE One of the friends on "Friends"
PHOEBE Abandoned hope with live satellite
PHOEBE __ McQueen, Hollyoaks girl who nearly got married to Vincent Elegba recently
PHOEBE Greek goddess, daughter of Uranus
PHOEBE Greek goddess of the moon
PHOEBE Holden's younger sister in "The Catcher in the Rye"
PHOEBE Pal of Rachel and Monica
PHOEBE Eastern flycatcher
PHOEBE Public house open - beer regularly supplies American flyer
PHOEBE __ McQueen, Hollyoaks resident who has had a rocky time with Robbie Roscoe
PHOEBE Scrape into lead and line"s closer
PHOEBE Titan, daughter of Uranus - satellite of Saturn
PHOEBE Small outer moon of Saturn; a Greek Titaness associated with the moon; or, the first name of the Friends character played by Lisa Kudrow
PHOEBE "The House of the Seven Gables" girl
PHOEBE "Friends" friend
PHOEBE ?Girlfriend" of Vincent Elegba in Hollyoaks
PHOEBE Girl's exercise book securing house point
PHOEBE Mad hope, to live in the moon
PHOEBE Moon of Saturn discovered by William Pickering in 1899
PHOEBE There may possibly be hope for the moon goddess
PHOEBE Outer moon of Saturn
PHOEBE The outermost known satellite of the planet Saturn
PHOEBE Lead around garden English girl
PHOEBE Girl's name, meaning 'bright one'
PHOEBE Musician and songwriter who worked at Angelo"s in Summer Bay
PHOEBE One of TV's 'Friends'
PHOEBE Woman originally producing house keys
PHOEBE "Friends" character
PHOEBE Pub, regularly open, by the rear of The Moon
PHOEBE Poetic name for moon
PHOEBE Cates of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"
PHOEBE Lisa's role on 'Friends'
PHOEBE The moon, in poetry
PHOEBE Apollo's sister Artemis, the moon goddess
PHOEBE Which Friends character played the guitar?
PHOEBE One of the friends in the Friends TV series
PHOEBE Lisa Kudrow, on "Friends"
PHOEBE "Friends" character with a twin named Ursula
PHOEBE Lisa Kudrow's "Friends" role
PHOEBE "Friends" role
PHOEBE Angelo"s employee who stole money to pay for her flat in Home and Away
PHOEBE Friend on "Friends"
PHOEBE She hijacked Evie Macguire's fund-raiser in Home and Away
PHOEBE Lisa Kudrow's role in Friends, ... Buffay
PHOEBE Lisa's "Friends" character
PHOEBE Friends character played by Lisa Kudrow
PHOEBE "Friends "character
PHOEBE __ McQueen, Hollyoaks girl whose best friend is George Smith
PHOEBE __ McQueen, has dated Robbie Roscoe in Hollyoaks
PHOEBE Friends friend
PHOEBE Friend of Monica and Rachel
PHOEBE Character on "Friends"
PHOEBE 'Friends' role
PHOEBE Lisa Kudrow's 'Friends' role
PHOEBE Holden Caulfield's little sister
PHOEBE TV friend of Rachel and Monica
PHOEBE Moon of Saturn discovered by William Henry Pickering in 1899
PHOEBE Girl takes exercise, carrying house keys
PHOEBE One of the friends on "Friends"

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