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PESTS Bad news for a crop farmer
PESTS Ants at a picnic
PESTS Upsets
PESTS Peeves
PESTS Bothers
PESTS Ones who won't leave you alone
PESTS Those that get on one's nerves
PESTS In the cheapest seats, they make a nuisance of themselves
PESTS Annoying things
PESTS 6-DOWN and others
PESTS Exterminator's targets
PESTS Exterminator's targets
PESTS Brats or gnats
PESTS Orkin targets
PESTS Bedbugs, roaches, etc.
PESTS Cockroaches, for example
PESTS They're a bother
PESTS Incompetent persons (UK informal)
PESTS Our little darlings, about to start school, can be a problem
PESTS Weevils, to cotton farmers
PESTS Moles, moths, et al.
PESTS Lapdogs harbour small bugs
PESTS Creatures with six or more legs, usually
PESTS They may be hard to get rid of
PESTS Bugs that cause problems
PESTS Dangers
PESTS Unwanted hangers-on
PESTS Diseases
PESTS Gnats, e.g.
PESTS Gnats and such
PESTS Teases
PESTS Thorns in one's side
PESTS Nudnicks
PESTS Vexations
PESTS Pesterers
PESTS Troubles
PESTS Take steps to reform nuisances
PESTS Bullies
PESTS Annoying sorts
PESTS Worries
PESTS Younger siblings, traditionally
PESTS Kid brothers or sisters, at times
PESTS Babysitter's banes
PESTS Ants and roaches
PESTS Ants, at picnics
PESTS Raid or d-CON victims
PESTS Ants in the house, e.g.
PESTS Nuisances
PESTS Raccoons around campsites, e.g.
PESTS Curses
PESTS They're always in the way making bad steps
PESTS Nuisances in religious instruction thrown out by clergy
PESTS Dislikes
PESTS Household bugs
PESTS Locusts and termites
PESTS Headaches
PESTS Reasons to call an exterminator
PESTS Bugs and slugs, e.g.
PESTS Trials
PESTS Problems
PESTS Nudges
PESTS *Cabbage Worms and Potato Beetles
PESTS Kid brothers, at times
PESTS Flies in the face of someone?
PESTS Blisters
PESTS Ants and weeds
PESTS Noxious things
PESTS Cabbage Worms and Potato Beetles
PESTS They're hard to get rid of
PESTS Distresses
PESTS Targets of swats
PESTS Flies, e.g.
PESTS Spray targets
PESTS Botherations
PESTS Baby brothers, typically
PESTS They annoy the heck out of you
PESTS Flies, ants and such
PESTS Creeps
PESTS Annoying or troublesome persons.
PESTS Gnats and nits
PESTS Rats and gnats
PESTS Irksome ones
PESTS Irksome ones
PESTS Exterminators' victims
PESTS Kids, at times
PESTS Irritating ones
PESTS Flies around the world?
PESTS Torments
PESTS Victims of Raid and d-CON
PESTS Scourges
PESTS Blights
PESTS Plagues
PESTS Nuisances or destructive insects

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