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PERSONA Borat or Ali G, to Sacha Baron Cohen
PERSONA Characterization
PERSONA Assumed identity for each boy and adult
PERSONA A boy with ace character
PERSONA ___ non grata
PERSONA Character in Beano's reportedly had up
PERSONA Tramp, to Charlie Chaplin
PERSONA 1966 Liv Ullmann film
PERSONA Son in Evita, a character on the stage?
PERSONA Assumed identity
PERSONA Classic Bergman film
PERSONA Who you appear to be
PERSONA New reps taking on a public face
PERSONA "Non grata" entity
PERSONA Character
PERSONA Public image
PERSONA One's public image
PERSONA Character name in comic operas
PERSONA In Evita, a singular character
PERSONA Outer personality
PERSONA Pearson's unusual character
PERSONA Individual has a facade
PERSONA A minor figure's agent raised his image?
PERSONA Public personality
PERSONA Character played quietly for the wrong reason
PERSONA Chaplin's Tramp, for one
PERSONA Pearson's character
PERSONA Fictional character
PERSONA Chaplin's tramp, e.g.
PERSONA A Native American image
PERSONA Character in a drama / outer personality or facade presented to others by an individual
PERSONA External character
PERSONA Character (NO PEARS anagram)
PERSONA Society enthralled by South American politician with a public image
PERSONA Assumed identity with no spare material
PERSONA Projected image
PERSONA The bloke gets a perceived identity
PERSONA External aspect of character
PERSONA Jungian mask
PERSONA Social facade
PERSONA Public projection
PERSONA Public image not entirely proper, so nasty
PERSONA Sot, to Fields
PERSONA Literary narrator or character
PERSONA Literary narrator
PERSONA Non-grata one
PERSONA Theatrical role
PERSONA Outer exhibited personality
PERSONA Public face
PERSONA Character of anybody middle-class
PERSONA Many a public projection
PERSONA Character played by an actor
PERSONA One's outward character
PERSONA Assumed identity or character
PERSONA Novel narrator
PERSONA Public role
PERSONA One's image
PERSONA Outward character
PERSONA Role for each child first of all
PERSONA Tramp, to Chaplin
PERSONA Individual has a role
PERSONA One who is diplomatically acceptable
PERSONA No spare bananas for character
PERSONA Outward image
PERSONA "Non grata" individual
PERSONA Page developed reason for the novelist's character
PERSONA Sot, to W.C. Fields

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