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PERSIA The last shah of this land was crowned on the the Peacock Throne in 1976
PERSIA Old country area is taking traveller back
PERSIA Old country prospers, I assume, with several outsiders banished
PERSIA Genghis Khan conquest, 1219-21
PERSIA Old name of Iran
PERSIA Former name for Iran
PERSIA Iran was once known in the western world by this name
PERSIA Aspire to transform old country
PERSIA Old country to arise awkwardly and quietly to begin with
PERSIA Unusual praise for the state of Xerxes
PERSIA Former name for 23 Across
PERSIA Turkish bigwigs
PERSIA Unusual praise for the old country
PERSIA Alexander the Great conquered it
PERSIA Old land area is raised, shoring up the river at last
PERSIA Looking back, go public over small record from old Middle East
PERSIA A company guarding one's back in old empire
PERSIA Aspire to this old country
PERSIA Would this country aspire to become what it was?
PERSIA Aspire to reform a country
PERSIA Old country pear is rotten
PERSIA The former name of Iran
PERSIA Old name for Iran
PERSIA Two countries shortly merge to make another
PERSIA A traveller crosses island, heading back for the old country
PERSIA A country of old, miles away
PERSIA Source of an old rug
PERSIA It's now known as Iran
PERSIA Source of some cats and carpets
PERSIA Opera by Arthur Sullivan and Basil Hood first performed in 1899
PERSIA Kajar dynasty's domain
PERSIA Aspire to transforming the old country
PERSIA Part of Upper Siam once ruled by Darius
PERSIA Alexander the Great's conquest
PERSIA Iran's former name
PERSIA Old country, a country that was unfinished
PERSIA Athens' foe at Marathon
PERSIA Praise cultivated in land of old
PERSIA A representative is admitted back in the old country
PERSIA Sparta's foe in "300"
PERSIA Rug exporter
PERSIA Name, until 1935, of Iran
PERSIA One side in the Battle of Thermopylae
PERSIA Unusual praise for an old country
PERSIA Historical name for Iran
PERSIA Kingdom once ruled by Cyrus the Great and Darius I
PERSIA Winner at Thermopylae
PERSIA Through most of one old country finding another
PERSIA Shah's domain until 1935
PERSIA Iran, formerly
PERSIA Iran's former name
PERSIA Former name of Iran
PERSIA "Prince of ___: The Sands of Time" (Jake Gyllenhaal film based on a video game franchise)
PERSIA Some lepers I abandoned in ancient land
PERSIA Wild praise for the old country
PERSIA Iran, once

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