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PEPYS Samuel ___: 17th century Londoner who wrote a famous diary.
PEPYS Takes quick glances, we hear, at diarist
PEPYS How an old journalist reportedly looks
PEPYS Described the great plague from brief looks say
PEPYS Takes a sly look at the diarist, we hear
PEPYS Diarist of the 1600's
PEPYS English diarist, Samuel __ (b.1633 d.1703)
PEPYS Diarist with energy agreed to lose energy
PEPYS English civil servant and diarist, d. 1703
PEPYS English administrator famous for his diary records of the Great Plague of London, Samuel ...
PEPYS Great Plague of London chronicler
PEPYS Has a butcher"s announced results in London accountant!
PEPYS Old writer makes high-pitched sound when speaking
PEPYS Diarist has a furtive look, they say
PEPYS Diarist looks furtively on sound recording
PEPYS Chronicler of the English Restoration
PEPYS Diary-writing MP with get-up-and-go? Yes, after vacation
PEPYS 17th century diarist Samuel
PEPYS "___ Diary"
PEPYS Diarist takes a look, we hear
PEPYS Naval administrator in picture frame turned spy
PEPYS Writer needing energy? Yes, when lacking just that
PEPYS Writer looks for an audience
PEPYS 16th century English diarist
PEPYS Navy man and journalist
PEPYS Naval administrator upset - pay is being cut regularly
PEPYS Has a butcher's announced results in London accountant!
PEPYS Samuel ___, English naval administrator and MP famous for his diary, first published in the 19th Century
PEPYS Old writer appears briefly for reporters
PEPYS 1666 London fire chronicler
PEPYS 17th-century English diarist
PEPYS Journalist is enlivening, covering year
PEPYS Great Fire of London diarist
PEPYS Samuel ---, C seventeen Admiralty secretary
PEPYS Diarist Samuel
PEPYS Go some days as a diarist
PEPYS Samuel —, British diarist and naval administrator who died in 1703

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