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PELE "Boys for ___" (Tori Amos album)
PELE "The Black Pearl" of Brazil
PELE Brazilian World Cup winner
PELE On her death, this Hawaiian goddess of fire is said to have created an eternal resting place at the summit of Kilauea Volcano
PELE Who is the only player to have won the World Cup three times?
PELE Latino sports legend
PELE He scored his first World Cup goal at age 17
PELE A k a Edson Arantes do Nascimento
PELE Three-time World Cup star
PELE Footballer deep into Trollope letters
PELE Soccer immortal
PELE Big name in Brazil in the sixties and seventies
PELE Soccer star with his name on a video game title
PELE Achiever of many goals
PELE 17-year-old sensation at the 1958 World Cup
PELE 1958 World Cup phenom
PELE Soccer great who was named Player of the Century in 2000
PELE No 10 was often on his back in leadership election
PELE Soccer legend who turned 75 in 2015
PELE Goddess who lives on Kilauea
PELE Brazil's soccer star
PELE Sensation of the 1958 World Cup
PELE Brazilian ex-footballer
PELE Kilauea's fire goddess
PELE Volcanic goddess
PELE Youngest scorer in World Cup history
PELE In football he must be included in the top eleven players
PELE Big name in soccer
PELE Training with the French football legend
PELE Huge thing half going backward, great forward
PELE He averaged almost a goal a game
PELE Big name in Brazilian soccer
PELE Goal-oriented superstar?
PELE Star player for the Cosmos
PELE One-named soccer superstar of the 1960s and 1970s
PELE Star of the 1970 World Cup
PELE Noted Sao Paulo-born athlete
PELE One-named sports star who was once the highest-paid athlete in the world
PELE Athlete on Time's list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century
PELE He scored 1,281 goals
PELE A subject of Warhol's "Athlete Series"
PELE Brazilian footballer who scored more than 1,200 goals
PELE Athlete from Tres Coracoes, Brazil
PELE Brazil's "Black Pearl"
PELE The Hawaiian volcano goddess
PELE Former star of the New York Cosmos
PELE Brazilian soccer superstar
PELE Brazilian Edson Arantes do Nascimento became this legend of soccer, named as the top athlete of the
PELE Soccer legend
PELE Brazilian soccer legend
PELE Brazilian soccer great
PELE Scorer of the 1958 World Cup's final goal
PELE One-named Brazilian soccer legend
PELE All-time soccer great
PELE World Cup legend from Brazil
PELE Former soccer star still in shape, let's say
PELE "Football" star from Brazil
PELE National Soccer Hall of Famer since 1993
PELE IOC's pick for Athlete of the Century
PELE Mauna Loa goddess
PELE Brazilian soccer player
PELE Futbol great
PELE Athlete dubbed "O Rei do Futebol"
PELE Brazil-born soccer legend
PELE Athlete declared a national treasure by Brazil
PELE Brazilian soccer legend
PELE Soccer's Black Pearl
PELE Soccer celebrity
PELE Former minister of sport of Brazil
PELE He won three World Cups
PELE National hero of Brazil
PELE Cosmos teammate of Giorgio Chinaglia
PELE Great athlete who wore the number 10
PELE Mononymous kicker
PELE Old footballer seen in chapel entrance
PELE Maradona's co-winner of FIFA's Player of the Century award
PELE Soccer star with the surname Nascimento
PELE Tori Amos album "Boys for ___"
PELE Soccer name of fame
PELE Soccer great with three World Cup wins
PELE Footballer as big creature not half in the ascendant
PELE 1958 World Cup sensation
PELE Sports hero who wore #10
PELE A renowned footballer was shapeless within
PELE The greatest soccer player of the twentieth century
PELE Soccer icon
PELE One-named soccer legend
PELE Hawaiian volcano goddess
PELE Hawaiian fire goddess
PELE Brazilian soccer great
PELE Soccer's "Black Pearl"
PELE Soccer great
PELE Brazil's all-time top goal scorer
PELE Joint winner of FIFA's Player of the Century award in 2000
PELE IOC's Athlete of the Century
PELE One-named sports legend
PELE "___: Birth of a Legend" (2016 documentary about Brazil's top-scoring soccer player)
PELE Brazilian soccer superstar
PELE One-named player on three World Cup champion teams
PELE Soccer legend who wore No. 10

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