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PAYNE "The Restless Gun" star John
PAYNE "Miracle on 34th Street" actor John
PAYNE "Home, Sweet Home" lyricist
PAYNE Fictional NYPD detective Max who's the title character in a series of video games
PAYNE John Howard ?, American actor-playwright who wrote the lyrics to song Home Sweet Home
PAYNE John Howard ___, American actor and playwright who wrote the song Home! Sweet Home!
PAYNE John of "Miracle on 34th Street"
PAYNE Max ___, popular video game series of the 2000s
PAYNE Golf great Stewart
PAYNE Tyler Perry's House of ___ (former TBS series)
PAYNE Two-time U.S. Open winner Stewart
PAYNE John Howard, actor and songwriter whose works include
PAYNE Alexander who directed "Nebraska"
PAYNE Major ___
PAYNE Britiish actor Tom or Bruce
PAYNE "Miracle on 34th Street" actor
PAYNE Action drama starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, Max ___
PAYNE "Band of Gold" singer Freda
PAYNE O'Hara's costar in "Miracle on 34th St."
PAYNE House of ___ (18 Across sitcom)
PAYNE Mark Wahlberg film: "Max ___"
PAYNE First name of the 1999 US Open winner
PAYNE "Sideways" director Alexander
PAYNE Dolley Madison's maiden name
PAYNE Stewart of golf
PAYNE Alexander who directed "Nebraska" and "Sideways"
PAYNE Author of "Home, Sweet Home"
PAYNE 70's singer Freda
PAYNE "Major ___" (Wayans film)
PAYNE Golfing great Stewart
PAYNE Two-time U.S. Open champ Stewart
PAYNE Onetime golf champ Stewart
PAYNE Late great golfer Stewart
PAYNE 1970: "Band of Gold" by Freda ___
PAYNE Golfer Stewart
PAYNE Alexander who directed "Nebraska" and "Sideways"
PAYNE Two-time U.S. Open winner Stewart

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