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PATENT Inventor's milestone
PATENT Perhaps mother should have time for runs? It's evident
PATENT Protection of invention
PATENT Downright
PATENT Obvious protection for an inventive type
PATENT Obvious the person being treated has lost heart
PATENT Document for Edison
PATENT It"s clear father has what he needs for camping
PATENT Item authorized by Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution
PATENT Flagrant
PATENT Obvious
PATENT Barefaced
PATENT Palpable
PATENT Type of leather, that"s obvious
PATENT Conspicuous
PATENT Glaring
PATENT What inventor wants is very obvious
PATENT Unconcealed
PATENT Prominent
PATENT Copyright / a government authority to an individual or organization cofer-ring sole right to make, to use, or to sell an invention
PATENT Obvious the man has taken a number in
PATENT Clearly visible
PATENT It's quite obvious that it's an inventor's document
PATENT Not inconspicuous
PATENT It"s easy to see dad going to the pavilion
PATENT A knockabout number; that's clear
PATENT Brainchild protector
PATENT Exclusive
PATENT Lincoln is the only U.S. president to have one
PATENT Certain
PATENT It lasts 20 years
PATENT Document granting the inventor sole rights
PATENT A safeguard against pirates: that"s clear
PATENT Transparent
PATENT Absolute
PATENT Obvious - property right to invention
PATENT A type of shoe leather I'll leave forgiving
PATENT Monopolize
PATENT Controlled
PATENT Straightforward
PATENT Straightforward
PATENT Unequivocal
PATENT Obvious way to protect one's invention
PATENT Concession
PATENT Agreement
PATENT Authority
PATENT It's quite clear there's a copyright on it
PATENT Unmistakable
PATENT Specific
PATENT Understandable
PATENT In no hurry to give one away, it's plain
PATENT Head's not empty - is that clear?
PATENT Old man needs somewhere to shelter, it"s obvious
PATENT Father's mobile home - it's obvious
PATENT One shuns ill person, getting clear
PATENT The old man needs shelter, that"s obvious
PATENT For all to see
PATENT Lightly touch a number inside with grant to an inventor
PATENT Dominate
PATENT It makes clear your brainchild is not up for grabs
PATENT Control
PATENT Definite
PATENT ... providing clear evidence of invention
PATENT Undeniable
PATENT Limited
PATENT One of Edison's 1,000+
PATENT Invention
PATENT It's obvious to father providing temporary accommodation
PATENT ___ leather
PATENT Intellectual property protector
PATENT Widget protection
PATENT Obvious covered in butter, all fingers and thumbs?
PATENT Unfastened
PATENT Obvious protection for inventive types
PATENT Perfectly round number, that's clear
PATENT Glaring example of privilege
PATENT Privilege
PATENT License
PATENT Kind of lawyer
PATENT Limitation
PATENT The governor must have temporary accommodation, that's obvious
PATENT Crystal-clear
PATENT Copyright on an invention
PATENT Authorization
PATENT It"s clear father needs a bivouac
PATENT It's quite clear I have left being one under the doctor
PATENT Manifest

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