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PAN Crucify
PAN Vilify
PAN Detract
PAN Goat-legged deity
PAN Goat-legged Greek god
PAN Which Greek God is half-man half-goat?
PAN Man-goat of myth
PAN Fairy tale character who battled Captain Hook, Peter ...
PAN Greek god with goat legs
PAN Producer's bane
PAN Clean
PAN "Peter ___" (Disney film)
PAN Stovetop vessel
PAN Stovetop item
PAN Item wielded on "Chopped"
PAN Review
PAN All for a deity
PAN Immortal piper
PAN Makin' bacon place
PAN The boy who refused to grow up, Peter ...
PAN Cook's utensil
PAN Container
PAN Give a lousy review to a book
PAN Zero-star review, e.g.
PAN In which Rooney Mara was controversially cast as Tiger Lily
PAN Abuse
PAN Peter ___ (Captain Hook's foe)
PAN Greek god depicted on the cover of "The Wind in the Willows"
PAN Cake baker's need
PAN Damage
PAN Hook's undoer
PAN Greek god with a goat's legs and horns
PAN Deity that's half goat
PAN Baking container
PAN Pie holder
PAN Pie container
PAN Opposite of a 58 Down
PAN One star, maybe
PAN Knock
PAN Criticize severely
PAN Criticise all in many words, initially
PAN Basin
PAN Carp
PAN Review of a flop
PAN Severely criticise an immortal
PAN Greek god of the wild
PAN Stovetop fryer
PAN Spider in the kitchen
PAN God often pictured with pipes
PAN Faunus's Greek counterpart
PAN Goat-man
PAN Woodland deity
PAN Woodland deity
PAN Greek woodland god
PAN Roundly criticise ancient Greek forest deity
PAN Forest deity
PAN Pipe-playing god
PAN Part-goat deity
PAN Of deities, the quiet one?
PAN Greek god of fields, woods, shepherds, and flocks, represented as a man with a goat's legs, horns and ears
PAN Goatlike god
PAN Forest god
PAN Mythical flutist
PAN Lambaste
PAN Swing movie camera in arc
PAN Cooking Channel vessel
PAN Vessel used to wash gold out of stream-bed gravel
PAN Mythological Greek god of flocks and shepherds
PAN All for a mythical god
PAN Accusation
PAN J.M. Barrie's Peter
PAN Broad and shallow vessel of metal or earthenware used for cooking or other domestic purposes / suffix meaning 'the whole of'
PAN Disney movie with pirate and crocodile (5,3))
PAN Broad shallow container without cover made of metal for domestic use
PAN Peter ___ (companion of Tinker Bell)
PAN Pot's partner
PAN Make fun of
PAN Forty winks
PAN Forty-niner's tool
PAN Forty-niner's need
PAN Wash
PAN Call a turkey
PAN Kitchen's shallow container
PAN Flash in the ___ (briefly popular thing)
PAN Mine
PAN Uncomplimentary review
PAN Utensil for preparing bacon
PAN Greek god of forests and pastures
PAN Hugh Jackman plays Blackbeard in this fantasy adventure
PAN Bucket
PAN Bucket
PAN Hit with a bad review
PAN Wendy's Peter
PAN Give a rotten review to
PAN Separate
PAN Rate poorly
PAN Review very negatively

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