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ORATOR Might he manage to roar from the rostrum?
ORATOR Speaker finds young marsupial about to swallow rodent
ORATOR One addressing other ranks has register back to front
ORATOR Ring the artist to get the right speaker
ORATOR One up on a soap box or a hill
ORATOR Big talker
ORATOR Daniel Webster, for one
ORATOR Lincoln, e.g., at Gettysburg
ORATOR Alternatively, a hill is a good place to install a speaker
ORATOR Rota modified by an alternative speaker
ORATOR Volunteer army retreats, or appears before and after Churchill, say
ORATOR Gifted gabber
ORATOR Speaker sees climbing marsupial pouching animal
ORATOR From the floor a Tory speaker appears!
ORATOR Frederick Douglass or Martin Luther King Jr.
ORATOR one behind a tribune
ORATOR A rotor replaced in one of the speakers
ORATOR Speaker volunteers set up with two gold terminals
ORATOR Two types of French gold found over at public speaker
ORATOR Lecturer maybe in laboratory
ORATOR He takes the stump
ORATOR Person on a dais
ORATOR Barack Obama, for one
ORATOR Painter taking last month off -- he can talk
ORATOR Or a hill of this nature is just right for the public speaker
ORATOR You'd expect her to have something to say for herself to one of the speakers
ORATOR Elocutionist
ORATOR Sen. Robert Byrd, for one
ORATOR Demosthenes or Cicero
ORATOR Winner of a soapbox derby?
ORATOR One making a delivery
ORATOR He"s always willing to give his address
ORATOR Henry Clay or Jesse Jackson
ORATOR One making one across
ORATOR Podium personage
ORATOR Speech-maker appearing in laboratory
ORATOR Figure of speech
ORATOR One who pontificates
ORATOR Speaker using some words on a rota system?
ORATOR Speaker an artist may root out, possibly?
ORATOR Person whose address is moving
ORATOR Commencement speaker, for example
ORATOR His speech may seem endless!
ORATOR One raising one's voice
ORATOR Author sounds more correct
ORATOR Address giver
ORATOR Silver-tongued speaker
ORATOR Silver-tongued one
ORATOR Speaker of the House, e.g.
ORATOR Roar out to bring in the speaker
ORATOR Speaker
ORATOR Speaker in search of good political theme for a Tory
ORATOR He's happy to give people his address
ORATOR A person who delivers a speech or oration.
ORATOR A time to separate soldiers, I declaim
ORATOR Person on a soapbox
ORATOR Old traitor alternatively becomes a speaker
ORATOR Person who gives a speech
ORATOR Formal speech maker
ORATOR Speaker needs alternative, a model alternative
ORATOR Speaker from Dartmoor, a Tory
ORATOR JFK, notably
ORATOR Henry was one
ORATOR William Jennings Bryan, e.g.
ORATOR Silver-tongued sort
ORATOR Turncoat in spectacles right behind Cicero, perhaps
ORATOR He addresses men twice at breaks
ORATOR Speaker at a dedication
ORATOR Pompous podium pounder
ORATOR Two lots of men welcoming return of army speechmaker
ORATOR One with a silver tongue
ORATOR He may well appeal to the public
ORATOR He speaks of two alternatives around a centre of lectern
ORATOR He is, at heart, or first and last, a rhetorician
ORATOR A public speaker had two alternatives over a short time
ORATOR Eloquent person in church mostly
ORATOR He lectures in a lab at length
ORATOR A personage of good address
ORATOR "Friends, Romans, countrymen ..." sort of speaker
ORATOR Daniel Webster, e.g.
ORATOR Anyone running for president, e.g.
ORATOR Speech maker
ORATOR Rhetorician
ORATOR One may speak to house surgeon wanting training
ORATOR Speaker skilled at getting between alternatives
ORATOR Operator avoids training someone with good address?
ORATOR One on a soapbox
ORATOR You'd expect her to have something to say to 6 down, in a manner of speaking
ORATOR Keynote address presenter
ORATOR Pompous speaker
ORATOR Marc Antony, for example
ORATOR Patrick Henry, for one
ORATOR Skilled speaker
ORATOR Patrick Henry or Henry Clay
ORATOR Distinguished public speaker
ORATOR Cicero or Obama
ORATOR Big talker
ORATOR Keynote giver
ORATOR Gifted 9 Down deliverer
ORATOR Speaker

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