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ORACLE Buffett, per his nickname
ORACLE Prophet
ORACLE Seemingly wise sort in rowing boat heading off
ORACLE Wise person
ORACLE Expert for boat without a bow
ORACLE Welsh craft won't allow leader to show authority
ORACLE Big name in Internet software
ORACLE Old group of people around back of small shrine
ORACLE What's partly for a clever and infallible expert
ORACLE Fortune teller
ORACLE One advising one to leave the Spanish capital when rejected
ORACLE Unknown
ORACLE Big tech company
ORACLE Tech giant with a futuristic name?
ORACLE Software company that was co-founded by Larry Ellison
ORACLE Expert about to abandon craft
ORACLE Seer's sanctum
ORACLE Clairvoyant
ORACLE Psychic
ORACLE Giver of wise opinions
ORACLE ___ of Zeus at Dodona
ORACLE Wise one
ORACLE Holy place where a god was believed to give advice and prophecy
ORACLE Lady -; Margaret Atwood novel
ORACLE Revelation
ORACLE Nothing left in contest for adviser
ORACLE Futures dealer?
ORACLE Medium for prophecy
ORACLE Sibyl provides alternative to Alec running
ORACLE Shrine of an ancient god
ORACLE Deliverer of highly regarded pronouncements
ORACLE Lady -; novel by Margaret Atwood
ORACLE Wise man may be learner among old people
ORACLE Someone of great wisdom
ORACLE Priest or priestess who sought advice or prophecy from the gods
ORACLE Mystical source of answers
ORACLE Delphi seer
ORACLE The one in Delphi got nothing clear, surprisingly
ORACLE It's not entirely reliable for a clear response
ORACLE Mouthpiece of the gods
ORACLE Where advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in ancient Greece
ORACLE Answer provider
ORACLE Delphi feature, in ancient Greece
ORACLE Gold sovereign once accepted by one source of information
ORACLE Mythic consultant
ORACLE Revered answerer
ORACLE Answer source
ORACLE Character in "The Matrix"
ORACLE Deity's mouthpiece
ORACLE Delphi's claim to fame, to ancient Greeks
ORACLE Search for a cleg inside the horse's mouth
ORACLE Oedipus' warner
ORACLE Supposedly authoritative source making nothing clear, curiously
ORACLE Wise saying or sayer
ORACLE Prophet gives cheer about reversing vehicle
ORACLE Answer giver
ORACLE Apparition
ORACLE Ancient Greek mystic
ORACLE All-knowing entity
ORACLE Ouija board, allegedly
ORACLE Delphi forecaster
ORACLE Conclusion
ORACLE Delphi notable
ORACLE Soothsayer
ORACLE From the orator, a clear-cut revelation
ORACLE The ___ of Delphi was a famous medium of divine revelation
ORACLE Sage and onion top left in stock
ORACLE Source of wisdom
ORACLE Person of great wisdom
ORACLE Sounds wise but is clear about nothing
ORACLE Figure at Delphi
ORACLE Ancient consultant
ORACLE Shrine where a seer works
ORACLE "Know-all" had a clear, though erratic, round before
ORACLE Like the Lone Ranger or Batman
ORACLE One with a vision
ORACLE Ambiguous prophecy, or a non-U thing like this?
ORACLE Infallible indication of nation embracing Labour
ORACLE Prophecy
ORACLE Prophecy giver
ORACLE A wise utterance? I'm clear about nothing!
ORACLE One who knows the future
ORACLE Diviner gold left for one to gather
ORACLE Decision
ORACLE Wise counsel
ORACLE One consulted for advice: nothing clear, surprisingly
ORACLE Prediction
ORACLE Ancient source of counsel
ORACLE Delphi figure
ORACLE Fortune
ORACLE Apollo's message
ORACLE Tech software company

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