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OPT Prefer the first of the Prophets in the Old Testament
OPT Adopt
OPT Take on
OPT Get off the colloquial fence
OPT Word from the French for "choose"
OPT Choose to get work on time
OPT Decide to leave, with "out"
OPT Single out
OPT Please
OPT Word from the Latin for "wish for"
OPT Make a choice from a range of possibilities
OPT Specify
OPT Vote
OPT Go one way or the other
OPT Make up your mind
OPT ___ for (choose, as a club size)
OPT ___ out (remove oneself from an email list)
OPT Refuse to participate in work with scalper
OPT Go with, with "for"
OPT Skirt feature
OPT Want
OPT Make a decision
OPT Choose to go to pot?
OPT Bow (out)
OPT Stop shilly-shallying
OPT Co-___
OPT ... military manoeuvre takes time to select
OPT Designate
OPT Choose, nominate or select ?
OPT Choose a new top
OPT Select, ... for
OPT Choose (for)
OPT Plump, overly plump, truthfully, when first seen
OPT Check "yes," e.g.
OPT ___ out (decline to take part in)
OPT Go for flipping instruction to cycle
OPT Pick a card, e.g.
OPT School org.
OPT Pick spinner first to finish
OPT Go one way rather than another
OPT Choose not to participate, with 'out'
OPT Check a questionnaire box
OPT Elect
OPT Be decisive
OPT Select half of 23 across
OPT Make up one's mind
OPT Choose gymnastic exercises when there's nothing ahead
OPT Make a call (for)
OPT Make a choice
OPT Will
OPT Exercise one's discretion
OPT Word with in or out
OPT Choose to do a work before the end of the concert
OPT Resolve
OPT Select new top
OPT Road reversal
OPT "x" a box, say
OPT Determine
OPT Decide to be involved (in)
OPT Decide to quit, with "out"
OPT Select as an alternative
OPT Choose
OPT Choose
OPT Make a call
OPT Choose from melting pot
OPT Rearrange TOP to make a word that means "decide"
OPT Pick a candidate, say
OPT Plump for new top
OPT ___ in (voluntarily participate)
OPT Pick an alternative
OPT Choose to come out of the helicopter
OPT Pick a card, say
OPT Choose the music for the tango
OPT Decide not to join, with "out"
OPT Make a decision (to)
OPT Make a choice
OPT __ for (settle on)
OPT Plump poppet losing odd features
OPT ___ out (decline to participate)
OPT Cast one's vote
OPT Plump and round before exercises
OPT Choose (with "for")
OPT Decide in favor of, with "for"
OPT Select top model
OPT Back (out)
OPT Participate, with ''in''
OPT Pick, with "for"
OPT Make a pick
OPT Select as a preferable alternative
OPT Go (for)
OPT Go for
OPT Decide (to)
OPT Not join, with "out"
OPT Decide not to participate in shoptalk
OPT Decline, with "out"
OPT Not dither
OPT Say no, with ''out''
OPT Make the call

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