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OLD Hairy
OLD Former ingredient in wool dyeing
OLD Inactive
OLD Inactive
OLD The ex is no longer in her prime
OLD "That ___ Black Magic"
OLD ___ Nick : the Devil or Satan ?
OLD Like a fogy
OLD Past times
OLD Dried
OLD Mature
OLD The 40-Year-___ Virgin
OLD With 14 Across, veterans
OLD CM, England Test cricketer who took 7-50 against Pakistan at Birmingham in 1978
OLD " the ___ ball game!"
OLD No longer new
OLD Unlike a spring chicken
OLD As ___ as the hills
OLD No longer found in petrol dumps
OLD Aboriginal
OLD On its last legs
OLD Like dog Tray
OLD Featured star's movie, "No Country for - Men"
OLD Hootie & the Blowfish hit "___ Man & Me"
OLD Way past its prime
OLD Requiring many candles on one's cake
OLD The Who "Hope I die before I get ___"
OLD Venerable
OLD Strong, as cheddar
OLD Matured
OLD Past one's prime
OLD Advanced in years
OLD Over the hill
OLD From the year one
OLD (K) Getting on in years
OLD Having had many birthdays
OLD (used especially of persons) Having lived for a relatively long time or attained a specific age.
OLD Antique
OLD No longer used
OLD Forever
OLD C M ?, England Test cricketer who took 7-50 against Pakistan in Birmingham in 1978
OLD Long in the tooth, so to speak
OLD Cliched
OLD Unoriginal
OLD Like overused jokes
OLD Told too many times
OLD Requiring many candles on a birthday cake
OLD Abe adjective
OLD Wasted
OLD Eric Clapton "Hello ___ Friend"
OLD Hardened
OLD Gone
OLD ___ Hickory
OLD "The Night They Drove ___ Dixie Down"
OLD ___ Navy
OLD Golf's abandoned winner's medal that's long-established
OLD Famous as the presenter of The New Price is Right (--- Turpie)
OLD Far from fresh
OLD Gray's partner
OLD And 20 Victorian card game in which players collect pairs and try not to be left with a penalty card
OLD Precious metal doesn't start off being antiquated
OLD Manchester's football and cricket grounds are both called ... Trafford
OLD Arsenic and ___ Lace, Cary Grant film
OLD Outworn
OLD Julia Louis Dreyfus comedy (The New Adventures of --- Christine)
OLD Oldfashioned
OLD Dated
OLD Passe
OLD According to Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary (1906), what is one who is "in that stage of us
OLD At an early stage - at a late stage
OLD Seasoned
OLD Able
OLD Skilled
OLD Skillful
OLD Practiced
OLD Advanced
OLD Advanced
OLD "Something ___, something..."
OLD Feeble
OLD Knowledgeable
OLD This hat is no longer fashionable
OLD Sometime
OLD Glad to revel in the extremes of one's senility
OLD Australian animated TV series based on a series of books by Leigh Hobbs (--- Tom)
OLD "A-Levels? I'd swot!" - possibly that's traditional "wisdom"
OLD Experienced
OLD Out-of-print
OLD In the 1960s comedy Till Death Us Do Part, Alf Garnett called his wife Els a "silly ... moo"
OLD "... and honour the face of the ___ man" (Lev. 19:32)
OLD Gray-bearded
OLD Discontinued
OLD Like "Twilight" vampires, despite appearances
OLD Resembling King Cole
OLD "In the Good ___ Summertime"
OLD Like the gray mare of song
OLD (K) Like the farmer MacDonald
OLD 9 and 21Dn. A lodge converted into kind of pension
OLD Established
OLD Like Victorian Era homes
OLD Vince Vaughn-Luke Wilson comedy ___ School

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