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O NEILL "The Hairy Ape" author
O NEILL Eugene ?, playwright awarded the 1936 Nobel Prize in Literature
O NEILL "Ah, Wilderness!" dramatist
O NEILL Eugene, author of the play Desire under the Elms
O NEILL Successor of Albert, predecessor of Wright
O NEILL 1936 Literature Nobelist
O NEILL Bush's former Treasury secretary
O NEILL Playwright, eugene ___ (b.1888 - d.1953)
O NEILL "The Hairy Ape" playwright
O NEILL See 12
O NEILL Jennifer, star of Scanners, A Force Of One
O NEILL 1936 Literature Nobelist Eugene
O NEILL Former Speaker of the House Tip
O NEILL 18 Across's 40 Across costar Ed
O NEILL Tip from Massachusetts
O NEILL Longtime Yankee right fielder Paul
O NEILL Dramatist's outspoken appeal to those about to pray?
O NEILL "Modern Family's" Jay Pritchett: Ed ___
O NEILL "Modern Family" actor Ed
O NEILL Manager of the Republic of Ireland national football team (1'5)
O NEILL "A Moon for the Misbegotten" playwright Eugene
O NEILL "Anna Christie" playwright
O NEILL "Anna Christie" playwright Eugene
O NEILL Winner of four Pulitzer Prizes
O NEILL "The Iceman Cometh" dramatist
O NEILL "The Iceman Cometh" playwright
O NEILL Eugene ---, US dramatist whose works included the play The Iceman Cometh (1'5)
O NEILL "Mourning Becomes Electra" playwright
O NEILL American playwright, a person flat on his back?
O NEILL Nobel winner Eugene
O NEILL Dramatist's singular misfortune
O NEILL Nobel Prize-winning US playwright,
O NEILL 16 Across's Modern Family costar Ed
O NEILL "Modern Family" co-star
O NEILL "Married...With Children" co-star
O NEILL Playwright Eugene
O NEILL Playwright Eugene
O NEILL Al Bundy portrayer
O NEILL "Ah, Wilderness!" playwright
O NEILL Bush Treasury secretary
O NEILL 'Ah, Wilderness!' author 3. Fourth-down arrangement
O NEILL Only rotten plays were written by him
O NEILL "Beyond the Horizon" writer
O NEILL Tip, speaker of the US House of Representatives from 1977-87
O NEILL See 26-Down
O NEILL Al Bundy portrayer Ed
O NEILL Nobelist Eugene
O NEILL Individual such as Shakespeare needing no introduction as playwright
O NEILL 'Ah, Wilderness!' author
O NEILL Eugene -; dramatist who wrote Beyond the Horizon (1'5)
O NEILL Modern Family co-star of 8 Across, Ed ...
O NEILL "Lazarus Laughed" playwright Eugene
O NEILL 'Long Day's Journey Into Night' writer
O NEILL Individual not well in Irish dynasty (1'5)
O NEILL Sitcom star Ed
O NEILL Anna Christie's creator
O NEILL Tip of Massachusetts
O NEILL "The Emperor Jones" playwright
O NEILL Ed of Modern Family
O NEILL "Modern Family" star Ed
O NEILL Australian swimming's famed "Madam Butterfly'
O NEILL 'The Iceman Cometh' author
O NEILL Modern Family actor, Ed ___
O NEILL Speaker of the House after Albert
O NEILL U.S. dramatist
O NEILL '70s-'80s House speaker
O NEILL 'Ah, Wilderness' playwright
O NEILL "Man of the House" author Tip
O NEILL Tip of the House, of old
O NEILL Ed of "Modern Family"
O NEILL Al Bundy actor
O NEILL Dramatist is sick individual
O NEILL 'Ah, Wilderness!' playwright
O NEILL "Beyond the Horizon" playwright
O NEILL Tip of the House
O NEILL Lions LB Kevin
O NEILL Ed of "Married ... With Children"
O NEILL A singularly unwell American playwright
O NEILL The Hairy Ape penner
O NEILL Treasury Secretary Paul
O NEILL Ollie nervously hosts northern playwright
O NEILL Playwright who needs a doctor
O NEILL Literature Nobelist, 1936
O NEILL Tip of the Hill, once
O NEILL "Long Day's Journey Into Night" playwright
O NEILL Ed of "Married With Children"
O NEILL Al in Married With Children and Jay in Modern Family, Ed ...
O NEILL 'Anna Christie' playwright
O NEILL American play wright is singularly sick
O NEILL Individual not in tip-top condition in Irish Dynasty (1'5)
O NEILL The Emperor Jones playwright
O NEILL Broadway's Eugene ___ Theater
O NEILL Playwright born in a hotel room on Broadway
O NEILL Eugene -, US playwright (The Iceman Cometh)
O NEILL Jennifer who was Kim Obrist in Cronenberg's Scanners
O NEILL 'The Hairy Ape' playwright
O NEILL Beyond the Horizon playwright
O NEILL Modern Family star Ed
O NEILL Playwright in the Lowell Swortzell play "Young Eugene"
O NEILL Surname shared by the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland football managers at Euro 2016

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