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NURSE "The Farmer in the Dell" character
NURSE Minister to fly over home counties
NURSE Florence Nightingale's profession
NURSE Character played by Louise Fletcher in the 1975 film One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
NURSE Catherine is one in A Farewell To Arms
NURSE Embrace
NURSE Support
NURSE Promote
NURSE Maintain
NURSE Hathaway or Houlihan, e.g.
NURSE Doctor
NURSE Deal with someone with a complaint
NURSE One employed in the ward-room
NURSE Look after
NURSE What Chantelle Lane and Robyn Miller both do for a living in different departments in Holby City Hospital
NURSE Her sister is a superior person
NURSE Tend to race back to Home Counties
NURSE Advance
NURSE Operating room aide
NURSE White uniform wearer
NURSE A sister to take care of
NURSE Take care of polluted universe I've left behind
NURSE 2000 comedy-drama film starring Morgan Freeman and Renee Zellweger
NURSE Take care of
NURSE Sustain
NURSE Encourage
NURSE Breast-feed
NURSE Provoke
NURSE Tend to run irregularly to the southeast
NURSE Look after railmen's union, some being without order
NURSE A person who works in a hospital taking care of sick people
NURSE Tend to run back to an empty store
NURSE New ruse devised by hospital worker
NURSE Profession of Sonia Fowler in EastEnders
NURSE Care for
NURSE Tend to, care for
NURSE Watch over
NURSE Lost when engine driver's not ringside
NURSE Look after one making runs at Edgbaston initially
NURSE Hold gently
NURSE US comedy-drama starring Edie Falco, ... Jackie
NURSE In races, running up, one should get help
NURSE Sister translating runes
NURSE New ruse devised by sister
NURSE Possible source of drugs turned up E's and whizz
NURSE OR or ER staffer
NURSE Runs around with the final attendant in the ward
NURSE TLC dispenser
NURSE Minister to
NURSE Mel ..... , Wales defender who wrote 2009 biography Mr. Swansea
NURSE Dogfish; _ shark
NURSE She tends to dash around the Home Counties
NURSE Health worker casting runes
NURSE Ensure brief retraining for care worker
NURSE A health worker
NURSE Job title of character who is played by
NURSE One administering shots, maybe
NURSE Angel in Hades running in the wrong direction
NURSE Manage with care and economy to be a nanny
NURSE Energy finally runs out for medical attendant
NURSE Mel ___, Swansea, Middlesbrough, Swindon Town and Wales centre half
NURSE -- shark
NURSE One goes to bed to work
NURSE See 23
NURSE Harbour work over, stevedore is gutted
NURSE Doctor's co-worker
NURSE Dog's role in "Peter Pan"
NURSE Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital employee
NURSE Angel in a ward
NURSE Assistant
NURSE Father
NURSE Father
NURSE Babysitter
NURSE Tribunes missing bit of care
NURSE Near us, refurbished steam engine sets off with tender
NURSE Tend to manage in recession with a couple of servants
NURSE Old railwaymen given points to look after
NURSE Profession of Catherine Barkley in Ernest Hemingway's novel A Farewell to Arms
NURSE Look after a grievance, say?
NURSE A shark or dogfish
NURSE Nightingale, say found in the north, sure to fly around
NURSE Renee Zellweger and Morgan Freeman comedy, ___ Betty
NURSE Matron is sure livelier under new head
NURSE Sip, as a shot of bourbon in a seedy bar
NURSE Hayes's role in "A Farewell to Arms"
NURSE Garp's mom, for one
NURSE Patient's cry
NURSE Servant
NURSE Nightingale, e.g.
NURSE Forward

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