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NOBLE Famous
NOBLE Jerusalem shrine that's subject to a sovereignty dispute, known to Muslims as ___ Sanctuary
NOBLE No bad feeling after abandoning one aristocrat
NOBLE Sublime
NOBLE Upperclass
NOBLE Of aristocratic birth
NOBLE This kind of Eightfold Path (also known as the Middle Way) is taken by followers of Buddha
NOBLE Excellent
NOBLE Aristocratic Geordie comic and TV host Ross
NOBLE Elevated
NOBLE August
NOBLE Blue blood
NOBLE Venerable
NOBLE Visionary
NOBLE No thanks given to distinguished count
NOBLE Wonderful
NOBLE A former English gold coin first issued in 1351
NOBLE Former British gold coin having the value of one third of a pound
NOBLE He"s entitled to an obsolete coin
NOBLE Former gold coin
NOBLE Grand old English coin
NOBLE Illustrious old coin worth a third of a pound
NOBLE Former British gold coin whose value was one third of a pound
NOBLE Gracious
NOBLE Gentlemanly
NOBLE Eminent
NOBLE Brian ....., Bradford Bulls, Wigan Warriors and Great Britain rugby league coach
NOBLE UK comedian and QI and Spicks & Specks regular, Ross ...
NOBLE Heroic
NOBLE Lie that one's missing following bean count?
NOBLE Peer at some gases
NOBLE Half-heartedly try to persuade member of the upper house?
NOBLE Peer of the realm
NOBLE Of the aristocracy
NOBLE Sophisticated
NOBLE Decent
NOBLE Having high moral principles
NOBLE Silk stocking
NOBLE Silk stocking
NOBLE Leader
NOBLE Not lecherous
NOBLE Magnificent
NOBLE Mark ___, West Ham and former England Under-21 midfielder
NOBLE ___ gas, another name for inert gas
NOBLE Chemically inert
NOBLE Like argon or krypton
NOBLE Type of gas
NOBLE Of certain elements, chemically unreactive
NOBLE He is such a gas, isn't he - the tops in bringing laughter everywhere
NOBLE Aristocrat is chemically unreactive
NOBLE Gentle
NOBLE Cultivated
NOBLE Elevated part of heel-bone is impressive
NOBLE Music retailer Barnes & ___
NOBLE An aristocrat's old coin
NOBLE More than a nob?
NOBLE The N of B&N
NOBLE Aristocrat
NOBLE Posh bloke? The French count, perhaps
NOBLE Aristocrat's negative book on the French
NOBLE Isn't positive with lawyer getting energy from aristocrat
NOBLE Bilingual elevation of the good and generous
NOBLE Notable
NOBLE Aristocrat goes round in flannel bonnet
NOBLE New joint almost backed aristocrat
NOBLE Like some gases
NOBLE Mannerly
NOBLE He"s magnanimous, but notable for getting no thanks
NOBLE Aristocratic bone-shaker going round a corner
NOBLE Countess
NOBLE Countess
NOBLE Illustrious
NOBLE Bookselling partner of Barnes
NOBLE Count or viscount
NOBLE Giving
NOBLE Majestic
NOBLE Exalted
NOBLE A peer notable for ingratitude?
NOBLE Handsome
NOBLE Hear, hear! Peer tells no bovine untruths
NOBLE Sympathetic
NOBLE Divine
NOBLE Tolerant
NOBLE Liberal
NOBLE Dignified refusal to live without Lord's lead
NOBLE Praised
NOBLE Upright
NOBLE Worthy
NOBLE Reputable
NOBLE Count in Europe as magnanimous
NOBLE Aristocrat - one worried about blinkers
NOBLE Old coin that is not common
NOBLE Steven ..... , Peterhead leftback signed from Stranraer in 2012

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