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NOAH Hebrew patriarch in the Old Testament who built an ark
NOAH Biblical prophet
NOAH In the Old Testament, Hebrew patriarch who built a ship to survive the Flood
NOAH Prophet who built the ark
NOAH Ararat lander
NOAH Biblical figure who filled an ark with animal pairs
NOAH __ Sharma, young Dales lad who found out that mum Charity was pregnant
NOAH Ark wielder
NOAH The tenth and last of the antediluvian Patriarchs in the Old Testament
NOAH "Casino Royale" villain Dr. ___
NOAH 1983 French Open winner
NOAH Transporter of seven chickens, turkeys, etc.
NOAH Big name in lexicography
NOAH First name in a dictionary
NOAH He's a hon
NOAH Charity Macey"s young son in Emmerdale
NOAH One issued a flood warning
NOAH 2014 Biblical movie starring Russell Crowe
NOAH Russell Crowe film
NOAH Russell Crowe flick
NOAH Taran ... Smith, Mark Taylor in Home Improvement
NOAH Captain on a couples cruise?
NOAH Animal conservationist's refusal to co-operate with doctor?
NOAH Biblical helmsman
NOAH Drama involving a boatman
NOAH Webster of dictionary fame
NOAH Preparer for a flood
NOAH A webster
NOAH One famous for saving couples
NOAH This young lad"s mum, Charity Dingle, is currently behind bars in Emmerdale
NOAH His boat was measured in cubits
NOAH __ Sharma, son of Charity and adoptive son of Jai in Emmerdale
NOAH 1983 French Open champ
NOAH French tennis ace turned recording artist Yannick ___
NOAH Patriarch of the Ark
NOAH Actor Wyle of "ER" and "Falling Skies"
NOAH One releasing a dove in the Bible
NOAH Beau Brady in Home & Away, ... Lawson
NOAH He floated a company to avoid liquidation
NOAH Ararat arrival
NOAH He planned for a rainy day
NOAH Role in the musical "Two By Two"
NOAH Biblical carpenter
NOAH Biblical character known for double takes?
NOAH Biblical 950-year-old
NOAH Old ship builder upset dealing with a horse
NOAH He saved his shipmates from a watery grave
NOAH Patriarch who died at age 950
NOAH Adopted son of Jai Sharma, whose surname used to be Tate
NOAH Miley Cyrus's younger sister who's also a singer
NOAH Actor Hathaway of "The NeverEnding Story"
NOAH Captain of a gopher wood ship
NOAH Biblical skipper
NOAH The Hebrew patriarch who saved himself and his family and the animals by building an ark in which th
NOAH Ship captain whose passengers were mostly beastly
NOAH Skipper of scripture
NOAH Steinbeck's Joad, for one
NOAH The most popular male baby name of 2014, or a man in the Book of Genesis
NOAH Hebrew patriarch who saved himself and his family and animals by building an ark
NOAH Floating zookeeper
NOAH Seventh most popular name for boys born in Ireland last year.
NOAH He saved many an animal
NOAH Actor Wyle (ER costar of 33 Across)
NOAH This Emmerdale youngster is living with while his mum does time for fraud
NOAH Survivor of a Biblical flood
NOAH Boat-builder of yore
NOAH Boat builder
NOAH Actor best known for his role as Dr. John Carter in ER, ___ Wyle
NOAH He put two and two together and didn't go under
NOAH Biblical boat man
NOAH Figure on the Sistine Chapel's ceiling
NOAH "Slate" masthead surname
NOAH Builder of 64-Down
NOAH Pioneer in animal conservation
NOAH Transporter of pairs
NOAH Methuselah grandson
NOAH 2014 biblical epic that stars Russell Crowe
NOAH Adams of NPR
NOAH I leave Hanoi in confusion with old shipbuilder
NOAH Methuselah's grandson
NOAH His vessel had a full complement of mates
NOAH Early sailor had to climb down when he landed
NOAH "Yachtsman" of the Bible
NOAH Oldest Joad son in 'The Grapes of Wrath'
NOAH A host of couples beginning to act in drama
NOAH According to Genesis his ark came to rest on Ararat
NOAH First name in dictionaries
NOAH "ER" actor Wyle
NOAH Flood avoider
NOAH Trevor ___ (comedian slated to replace Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show")
NOAH Ham's father
NOAH Beery of 20's-40's films
NOAH Drama about a biblical character
NOAH He took pairs
NOAH His motto was "take two"
NOAH One noted for bringing couples together
NOAH "Falling Skies" star Mr. Wyle
NOAH Biblical figure played by Russell Crowe in 2014
NOAH Famous flood survivor
NOAH Old Testament flood ark-builder

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