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NIGHT Dark period for famous nurse missing in gale
NIGHT "... and the darkness he called ___" (Gen 1:5)
NIGHT See 21
NIGHT See 22
NIGHT Dark period 11 possibly reported
NIGHT A Hard Day's (the Beatles)
NIGHT Time to say one's piece
NIGHT Word 2 of a Christmasclassic
NIGHT Man said brief word of farewell at end of day
NIGHT Ben Stiller is a security guard who uncovers mayhem after dark in ___ at the Museum
NIGHT It's near the time when one should be abed
NIGHT The endless liquor brought up for day"s end
NIGHT Almost finishing breakfast at supper time
NIGHT "What hath ___ to do with sleep?": Milton
NIGHT The time of day at which they drove old Dixie down in The Band's song
NIGHT When burglars did the wrong thing
NIGHT ___ Fever, 1978 Number One hit for the Bee Gees
NIGHT See 1 Across
NIGHT Another thing after each day
NIGHT Nightfall
NIGHT Like all World Series games, now
NIGHT Time for a jar with a bird
NIGHT Scarlett Johansson and Kate Mckinnon comedy, Rough ___
NIGHT Name given to the murder of Ernst Rehm and others by the SS on Hitler"s orders
NIGHT 1997 novel by Martin Amis
NIGHT Darkness is and isn't the same thing
NIGHT Thing that breaks when it falls?
NIGHT Wild thing after sunset
NIGHT Approaching time for dark
NIGHT "Give Me the ___": Benson
NIGHT A black time is a terrible thing
NIGHT See 10
NIGHT Saturday ___ Takeaway, Ant and Dec programme
NIGHT "Mr. Saturday ___ " (Crystal flick)
NIGHT Near time, or time, to go to bed
NIGHT Loose garment that is stripped off in the dark
NIGHT A strange thing, but it"s time for bed
NIGHT It's dark, almost, at the end of August
NIGHT Dark, misshapen thing
NIGHT Nearly half of it may be black
NIGHT "Endless ___, 1967 novel by Agatha Christie
NIGHT Most of the alcohol is served up in the evening
NIGHT With most of the drink knocked back, it's time to sleep
NIGHT Dark Tower's beginning - hard drink knocked back
NIGHT Nightly
NIGHT The time when Lancelot, say, lost his head
NIGHT Nighttime
NIGHT Most of the drink is upset in the dark
NIGHT Nyx was the Greek goddess of this starlit period
NIGHT Time for some shifts
NIGHT The Mid- Gang; illustrated novel for children by David Walliams
NIGHT 1972 novel by Edna O"Brien
NIGHT Lean over, crossing gulf in darkness
NIGHT Part of time when there is little of 3
NIGHT Odd thing is - this is one for the stars
NIGHT Kind of court or school
NIGHT - at the Museum; film with Ben Stiller based on a book by Milan Trenc
NIGHT Twilight
NIGHT Twilight
NIGHT Silent -; title of the carol said to have heralded the Christmas truce in 1914 when British and Germ
NIGHT "Saturday ___ Fever"
NIGHT Prime-time time
NIGHT Nearly time - time for bed
NIGHT Black comedy with Jason Bateman and Rachel Mcadams, Game ___
NIGHT Dark front removed from piece
NIGHT Nearly left behind in the dark
NIGHT Legal comedy ___ Court
NIGHT A time close to 3 October
NIGHT Two things possibly said just before bedtime? (5-5) (see25D)
NIGHT Time for turning in, almost on time
NIGHT See 15
NIGHT Darkness is a strange thing
NIGHT Most of the booze is picked up late in the day
NIGHT A strange thing but it's time for bed
NIGHT See 26-Across
NIGHT The Starry -; painting by Vincent van Gogh depicting a view of Saint-Remy-de-Provence
NIGHT Many top Nazis were taken from their beds and shot in a purge which became known as the ... Of The L
NIGHT "Sweet dreams"
NIGHT Listen to thing being unwrapped by Carol ....
NIGHT Near East's ultimate period of gloom
NIGHT Traditional Christmas carol in which 'All is calm, all is bright', Silent ...
NIGHT Close on temperature for a usually colder period
NIGHT Near base of minaret, in darkness
NIGHT It's good, this word for the retiring
NIGHT Dark - almost totally, to start with
NIGHT With 9-Down, hit sitcom of the 1980s-'90s
NIGHT Kind of club or light
NIGHT See 13
NIGHT Horror film remake about a young man who discovers his neighbour is a vampire, Fright ___
NIGHT Graveyard-shift time
NIGHT Bedtime call, informally
NIGHT Hours after darkness

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