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NEIL "Cinnamon Girl" singer Young
NEIL US dramatist whose plays include Barefoot in the Park and The Odd Couple
NEIL Diamond in "The Jazz Singer"
NEIL __ Pearson, plays Vaughan Fitzgerald, the head teacher of Waterloo Road school
NEIL Former Labour Party leader Kinnock
NEIL Pulitzer writer Sheehan
NEIL Pulitzer-winning writer Sheehan
NEIL Quarterback O'Donnell
NEIL QB O'Donnell
NEIL Cracklin' Rosie singer ___ Diamond
NEIL Writer-director Jordan
NEIL Simon with four Tonys
NEIL A Bush brother
NEIL Coles, English golfer who played in eight Ryder Cup matches
NEIL ___ Mitchell, long-standing EastEnders character
NEIL Husband of Corrie"s who has been working in Nigeria until recently
NEIL See 19Oscar-nominated songwriter who starred in, co-wrote and co-directed 1982 comedy Human Highway
NEIL Rock legend Young
NEIL "Chapter Two" playwright Simon
NEIL Name on the cover of "The Odd Couple"
NEIL First name in space
NEIL "Laughter in the Rain" singer Sedaka
NEIL Younger brother of George W. and Jeb
NEIL 1990s Harvard president Rudenstine
NEIL Initial name on the cover of "A Life of Flight"
NEIL Creator of Oscar and Felix
NEIL Young who turned 60 years old in 2005
NEIL One of the Bush brothers
NEIL "I Am... I Said" singer Diamond
NEIL Buzz's Eagle crewmate
NEIL "Doogie Howser" star ___ Patrick Harris
NEIL Mr Diamond, singersongwriter
NEIL Top Aussie chef, ... Perry
NEIL Fox News reporter Cavuto
NEIL Armstrong who took a "giant leap for mankind"
NEIL Hippie in The Young Ones, played by Nigel Planer
NEIL "Down by the River" singer Young
NEIL __ Pearson, portrays Waterloo Road"s head teacher, Vaughan Fitzgerald
NEIL Diamond who's gone platinum
NEIL Pet Shop Boys lead singer Tennant
NEIL Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys
NEIL Pulitzer-winning writer on Vietnam___Sheehan
NEIL Heart of Gold's Young or Crowded House's Finn
NEIL Author of the stage plays Barefoot in the Park and The Dinner Party
NEIL ____Young (rock music star)
NEIL "Rust Never Sleeps" singer Young
NEIL He"s said to display humility
NEIL Diamond on vinyl
NEIL Carl's "Cosmos" successor
NEIL Boy and sweetheart, in love
NEIL Sounds like he prays a lot?
NEIL Young from Canada
NEIL Broadway's ___ Simon Theatre
NEIL - Armstrong, first man to set foot on the Moon
NEIL "Topper" dog
NEIL "Topper" pooch
NEIL ___ Patrick Harris actor who was part of television shows such as How I Met Your Mother and A Series of Unfortunate Events
NEIL Doogie portrayer ___ Patrick Harris
NEIL Bandmate of David, Stephen, and Graham
NEIL Armstrong of Apollo 11
NEIL Diamond onstage
NEIL Andrew ?, journalist and broadcaster whose credits include BBC TV shows This Week and Sunday Politics
NEIL Canadian rocker, ___ Young
NEIL Andrew ?, journalist and broadcaster known for BBC shows This Week and Sunday Politics
NEIL The boy to adopt a prayerful attitude, we hear
NEIL Pooch in TV's "Topper"
NEIL "Heart of Gold" singer Young
NEIL Boy's name
NEIL LEM-mate of Buzz
NEIL Cavuto of Fox Business
NEIL And 12 Author of stage plays Barefoot in the Park and The Dinner Party
NEIL Guy in the Eagle
NEIL Is this the fella that sounds like that long-distance African runner?
NEIL First name of the leader of the British Labour Party from 1983 to 1992.
NEIL Director Jordan
NEIL Flynn of "The Middle"
NEIL How I Met Your Mother actor, ___ Patrick Harris
NEIL Played Barney in How I Met Your Mother ___ Patrick Harris
NEIL Canadian singer Young from Toronto
NEIL "Cosmos" host ___ deGrasse Tyson
NEIL Bronco DE Smith with 100+ career sacks
NEIL Second to Elton in Adult Contemporary Top Ten songs
NEIL Young of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
NEIL Diamond who wrote "I'm A Believer"
NEIL Oscar nominated songwriter who starred in, co-wrote and co-directed 1982 comedy Human Highway (4,5) (see 12D)
NEIL Musician-comedian who played Ron Nasty in 1978 TV movie The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash
NEIL Justice Gorsuch who replaced Antonin
NEIL Gaiman who wrote "American Gods" and "Coraline"
NEIL He's seen in line-out
NEIL Buzz and Michael's commander
NEIL Boy is in denial, even
NEIL ___ Patrick Harris (18 Across's How I Met Your Mother costar)
NEIL - Simon, US dramatist (Barefoot in the Park)
NEIL Buzz's lunar partner
NEIL Dog in Topper
NEIL ___ Patrick Harris
NEIL Motley Crue lead singer Vince ___
NEIL Andrew ___, journalist and broadcaster whose credits include BBC TV series This Week and Daily Polit
NEIL Court appointee after Elena

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