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NAHUM Old Hebrew prophet
NAHUM Biblical prophet
NAHUM Minor Prophet of the seventh century B.C.
NAHUM Book between Micah and Habakkuk
NAHUM Old Testament book preceding Habakkuk
NAHUM A Minor Prophet
NAHUM Minor Prophet
NAHUM Old Testament prophet
NAHUM British poet laureate Tate
NAHUM Hebrew prophet
NAHUM Divine messenger taking human form
NAHUM OT book and prophet who foretold the fall of Nineveh
NAHUM Contented response, getting stuck into one OT book or another
NAHUM Minor Prophet with his own book of the Bible
NAHUM First name of the Poet Laureate who wrote The History of King Lear
NAHUM ___ Tate, onetime English poet laureate
NAHUM Human being upset prophet
NAHUM Book before Habakkuk
NAHUM Prophet for whom to err is human
NAHUM Bible book after Micah
NAHUM First name of the Irish dramatist who adapted Shakespeare's King Lear with a happy ending and was appointed England's poet laureate in 1692
NAHUM Prophet recalling an inarticulate sound
NAHUM Human remains to be found in the Bible
NAHUM O.T. book
NAHUM Old Testament book after Micah
NAHUM Prophet may be human when erring
NAHUM Old Testament figure who prophesied Nineveh's fall
NAHUM Old Testament book following Micah
NAHUM Old Testament book
NAHUM Human being altered part of Bible
NAHUM British poet Tate
NAHUM Human being changed into prophet
NAHUM Nevi sitting between Micah and Habakkuk
NAHUM Prophet who predicted the destruction of Nineveh
NAHUM A list from another Malthusian book
NAHUM Prophet has taken a humble part
NAHUM Biblical book after Micah
NAHUM Old Testament prophet and book
NAHUM Human failing in book
NAHUM OT book following Micah
NAHUM Prophetic book after Micah
NAHUM Prophet of human disaster?
NAHUM Bible book after Micah

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