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MOSES The Ten Commandments prophet in the Old Testament portrayed on screen by Charlton Heston in 1956
MOSES "And ___ hid his face" (Ex 3:6)
MOSES Biblical prophet
MOSES Grandma of the prophet?
MOSES Old Testament prophet
MOSES Prophet who toted tablets
MOSES Grandma -; folk artist who took up painting when she was widowed in 1927
MOSES He believes, according to the rhyme, his toeses is roses - but does so erroneously
MOSES Grandma's tips on jam: no additives; sterilise jars
MOSES He gave people the law and doctors directions
MOSES Tablet smasher
MOSES Biblical name for a plant out East
MOSES Hebrew prophet
MOSES Old Testament prophet
MOSES Early lawman?
MOSES Great leader inspiring group's love for University
MOSES Natural lining material wrapped round end of the contents of basket
MOSES See 18
MOSES Purported Pentateuch penner
MOSES Hebrew prophet - basket used as baby cradle
MOSES Prophet, brother of Aaron and Miriam
MOSES Recipient of tablets
MOSES Early Sinai climber
MOSES "The Prince of Egypt"
MOSES (Old Testament) The Hebrew prophet who led the Israelites from Egypt across the Red sea on a journey
MOSES Malone of the N.B.A.
MOSES Primitive painter Grandma
MOSES Grandma walks in leisurely fashion with yen gone
MOSES Ten Commandments obtainer
MOSES He had a big part in the Bible
MOSES "Holy ___, I have been deceived" (Elton John line)
MOSES What may grow in lawn, full of energy - one found in bulrushes, too
MOSES Prophet born of the union of Amos and Esther
MOSES Climber of Mount Sinai
MOSES One seen in rushes of movie, ultimately eaten by plant?
MOSES Biblical prophet or TV honcho Znaimer
MOSES Receiver of the Ten Commandments
MOSES Religious figure will be seen in places of worship, no question
MOSES Bible prophet
MOSES Early Mount Sinai visitor
MOSES In Patmos espied a prophet
MOSES Prophet capable of giving you the next answer and nothing more?
MOSES About the first in that place
MOSES "Wholly ___!"
MOSES One ordered to take two tablets
MOSES Prophet who received the Ten Commandments
MOSES Leader of exodus from East entering Stirling, say
MOSES Basketball legend Malone
MOSES Red Sea parter
MOSES Art's grandma?
MOSES Biblical name for Grandma
MOSES He took two tablets
MOSES He led the Jews out of Egypt
MOSES City planner Robert
MOSES Old Testament Ten Commandments prophet portrayed on screen by Charlton Heston in 1956
MOSES Mountain climber moves at a slow pace with little yen to go
MOSES Tablets toter
MOSES He led the Israelites through the parted Red Sea
MOSES Wandering Jew
MOSES He led his race, but fell in sight of the finish
MOSES Tribal leader fails to get master for student
MOSES Subject of a Michelangelo sculpture
MOSES Jethro's son-in-law
MOSES Hurdler Edwin
MOSES Folk artist who made use of tablets
MOSES Figure who encountered a burning bush
MOSES An SOS for me from the bullrushes
MOSES Malone of the NBA
MOSES Ed ?, 2000 Olympic men's 4 x 100m swimming medley gold and 100m breaststroke silver medallist
MOSES Lawgiver started exodus in Stirling, say
MOSES Leading man in Exodus
MOSES Green shade worn by Eastern prophet
MOSES Figure who listened to a burning bush
MOSES One of Charlton's many sans-pants parts
MOSES Folk artist Grandma ___
MOSES Biblical deliverer
MOSES Exodus hero
MOSES One getting some orders around the summit of Sinai?
MOSES Big name in primitive art
MOSES Calf love made him a lawbreaker
MOSES "Holy ___, I have been removed" (Elton John line)
MOSES Prophet who led the Israelites out of Egypt to the Promised Land
MOSES Three-time NBA MVP Malone
MOSES Charlton Heston played this prophet in the 1956 film, The Ten Commandments
MOSES Michelangelo"s statue of which Biblical figure is on display in Rome"s San Pietro in Vincoli church?
MOSES OT prophet
MOSES Old Testament figure
MOSES 1956 Charlton Heston role
MOSES Taker of two tablets
MOSES One found in vegetation round edge of Nile
MOSES Leader of Exodus boarding ship to follow second prophet
MOSES Role for Charlton Heston
MOSES Charlton Heston's role in The Ten Commandments
MOSES Actor Gunn
MOSES Lawmaker takes a stroll, avoiding Yankee
MOSES Doctor Seuss, no American prophet
MOSES Hebrew lawgiver
MOSES Recipient of the Ten Commandments
MOSES Old Testament Grandma?
MOSES What The Rolling Stones lack going around Spain is a prophetic figure supposedly behind Genesis?

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