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MENSWEAR This month, The Times reported that Steven Gerrard has launched a ____ brand with a store in Liverpool
MENSWEAR Chaps curse shirts and ties?
MENSWEAR Main thing that happens in David Mamet movies?
MENSWEAR In the department responsible for cover-up, some people take a vow?
MENSWEAR Walmart department
MENSWEAR Department store section
MENSWEAR Haberdasher's stock
MENSWEAR Space in M&S used by women getting attention for some of its clothing
MENSWEAR Valets curse such habits
MENSWEAR Male clothes
MENSWEAR Clothes for guys
MENSWEAR In the gents outfitters, chaps say naughty things
MENSWEAR Guys curse what they might get themselves into
MENSWEAR People use unparliamentary language, such as "Pants!"
MENSWEAR Paul and John, for instance, take the Lord's name in the non-female press
MENSWEAR It's tailored to guys
MENSWEAR Male crew promise to find appropriate gear
MENSWEAR Department store department
MENSWEAR Male clothing section in a department store
MENSWEAR Troopers will be troopers? Male duds
MENSWEAR People have to affirm ties?
MENSWEAR Sort of apparel that makes people curse?
MENSWEAR Clothing that makes males use bad language
MENSWEAR Grown-up lads use four-letter words, such as vest, suit, and ties!
MENSWEAR Clothing for adult males
MENSWEAR Clothing valets vow to get together
MENSWEAR Most of those in 24 down curse direction of gents' fashion
MENSWEAR Suits, briefs, etc.
MENSWEAR Clothes from M &S are new, redesigned
MENSWEAR Echo broke news in stuff about the trouser department
MENSWEAR Males' clothing department
MENSWEAR Clothes department blind opened by some workers?
MENSWEAR Clothing for males

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