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MARX Revolutionary name for famous brothers
MARX The --- Brothers were an American family of comedians who appeared in vaudeville, stage plays and films
MARX 'Horse Feathers' name
MARX Richard who released the album "Repeat Offender"
MARX "Duck Soup" surname
MARX Famous film family
MARX All seven of his 1980s hits reached the Top 5
MARX * German currency once, from what we hear
MARX Prussian-born philosopher
MARX Revolutionary expelled from Prussia in 1849
MARX Actor who said "You can't fool me, there ain't no Sanity Clause"
MARX His epitaph begins "Workers of all lands unite"
MARX Any of four "Duck Soup" actors
MARX Richard with the 1989 #1 hit "Right Here Waiting"
MARX He claimed the Greeks were offside, in a Monty Python sketch
MARX Stage name of New York City-born entertainer and agent Milton Marx
MARX Spoil vote in simple way for philosopher
MARX "Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana" speaker
MARX Proponent of a classless society
MARX Groucho's surname
MARX Richard whose first hit was "Don't Mean Nothing"
MARX Surname in zany comedy
MARX 'Communist Manifesto' coauthor
MARX Any of the brothers in "Horse Feathers"
MARX Philosopher who gave his name to an -ism
MARX Revolutionary to spoil mark on ballot paper
MARX German political theorist
MARX Karl who cowrote "The Communist Manifesto"
MARX "The Poverty of Philosophy" author
MARX Heard the exam results for Karl
MARX See 2
MARX "Those are my principles. If you don't like them I have others" speaker
MARX Karl who philosophized about class struggle
MARX Family name in comedy
MARX Butter up Times and Economist
MARX Spoil vote for left-winger
MARX "The Communist Manifesto" coauthor
MARX Early socialist
MARX "I have had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn't it" speaker
MARX "Endless Summer Nights" singer
MARX Republican has American backing? Then vote Communist
MARX Notices vociferous and controversial writer
MARX Whose epitaph reads "Workers of all lands unite"?
MARX "Das Kapital" writer
MARX Influence on Lenin
MARX Socialist hit back wanting favourable sign at the polls
MARX His first hit was "Don't Mean Nothing"
MARX Class-action philosopher?
MARX He co-wrote with 27: "Early bird must switch extremes to sully the vote"
MARX Who said history repeats itself "the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce"
MARX Communist icon
MARX Co-author of "The Communist Manifesto"
MARX Author of Das Kapital
MARX Karl of communism
MARX Collaborator with Engels
MARX Manifesto writer
MARX Karl -, nineteenth century German socialist
MARX Political philosopher shows how to spoil vote
MARX "Democracy is the road to socialism" writer
MARX Karl ___, German founder of modern communism
MARX His moustache and cigar characterised comedian Groucho ...
MARX Did Karl take a month to get cross?
MARX Arthur, Herbert, Julius, or Leonard
MARX Communist Karl
MARX Comedian's impressions on podcast
MARX Noted critic of capitalism
MARX Out-of-favor icon
MARX "Go West" name
MARX 'The history of all previous societies has been the history of class struggles' espouser
MARX 1950s-'60s TV quiz show host
MARX Surname of four stars in "Duck Soup"
MARX Surname of Heart Skips a Beat singer Olly
MARX Republican plugs at most famous Communist
MARX Karl -, (Das Kapital)
MARX See 76-Down
MARX Firefly player on film
MARX Comedic actor Groucho
MARX The ___ Brothers (Classic comedy act)
MARX "Die Deutsche Ideologie" writer
MARX Das Kapital author
MARX "You Bet Your Life" host
MARX Comedic family name
MARX "A Night at the Opera" surname
MARX Titan of anticapitalism
MARX "Das Kapital" author
MARX Manifesto man
MARX Unlike his four brothers, Gummo ____ never appeared in a film
MARX Sign up and vote Communist
MARX Advocate of Communism to spoil mark on ballot paper
MARX Surname of the stars of 20-, 37- and 53-Across
MARX German social-science pioneer
MARX Julius Henry or Karl
MARX Comedy's ___ Brothers
MARX Any "Duck Soup" brother
MARX Chico was the first-born one
MARX Philosopher influenced by Hegel
MARX Groucho or Harpo
MARX ''Das Kapital'' author
MARX Any of the "Animal Crackers" brothers
MARX His tombstone reads "Workers of all lands unite"

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