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LION Famous
LION '60s Elvis racing movie, "___ Las Vegas"
LION Animal that belongs to a pride
LION Symbol of 73 Across
LION "The Last ___" (multivolume Churchill bio)
LION Turning first left, what you see in Safari Park
LION Gryffindor's emblem, in Harry Potter books
LION "Jungle" lyrics "Then a ___ sang to me and smiled"
LION Lucerne landmark
LION Animal that is part of a pride
LION No backing at 50 to 1 for the royal beast
LION He could be a king of fifty one but returns with negative vote
LION Animal
LION Louis I of Naples leads one of those with pride
LION Leo is fifty on taking one in
LION One sleeping "in the jungle, the mighty jungle," in song
LION The beast left one with no comeback
LION Den dweller
LION Hero down at the Den?
LION Cowardly Emerald City visitor
LION "The ___, the Witch & the Wardrobe"
LION Crab follower, in the zodiac
LION A great number say missing beast
LION Emblem of Great Britain
LION Symbol of England
LION Animal depicted on the national flag of Sri Lanka
LION Eminent
LION '60s cartoon, Kimba the White ...
LION MGM roarer
LION Ant ___ (doodlebug)
LION M.G.M. symbol
LION M-G-M symbol
LION Important figure well content to elevate name
LION "Androcles and the ___" (Shaw comedy)
LION Figure on being a hero
LION Big cat, males have manes
LION King with a notable nape
LION Baum's was a coward
LION Nittany ___ (Penn State athlete)
LION Leader
LION Big African animal of the cat family
LION Gemsbok chaser
LION Number one animal ultimately -- that about it?
LION A large African cat
LION Serengeti predator
LION Maned one
LION Safari sighting
LION "The ___, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"
LION The -, the Witch and the Wardrobe
LION Detroit footballer
LION Symbol on the coat of arms of Finland
LION More than 50 set on beast
LION 51 get no return on the animal
LION Majority shareholder put up new work of art
LION Animal in Britain's coat of arms
LION Northern constellation, with "the"
LION Take the first left turn at the zoo
LION Beastly sort found on outskirts of Livingston
LION Image on a New York Public Library card
LION NFL player from Detroit
LION Ford Field gridder
LION Emblem on an English shield
LION One with a big share in a zoo?
LION As a hero, he has his pride
LION Turned up nothing about old cat
LION Wildebeest chaser
LION Columbia gridder
LION Feline
LION Large predatory feline mammal of Africa and India
LION Notable
LION Disney's The ___ King
LION The ___ King II: Simba's Pride
LION Top one of 15 is one of 15
LION Feature of a dangerous circus act
LION Animal known as "the king of the jungle"
LION Feline king
LION With 'The,' hit musical based on a Disney film
LION It gets a big share
LION Sri Lanka flag feature
LION Animal on the Sri Lankan flag
LION The ___ King, 1994 cartoon movie
LION "Ozma of Oz" beast
LION Celebrity, 51, regularly shown round
LION British national emblem
LION 'The .... of Vienna', nickname of England centre forward Nat Lofthouse
LION Celebrity
LION Luminary
LION Luminary
LION Dignitary
LION Brave person
LION Sought after celebrity (showing great strength and courage?)
LION Cat, the king of the beasts
LION The animal left one on
LION 2016 drama starring Dev Patel and Rooney Mara
LION Award-winning drama starring Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel as a young man searching for his lost family in India

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