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LIARS They serve up whoppers
LIARS Inventive sorts?
LIARS Whopper weavers
LIARS Fishermen, frequently
LIARS Cheats
LIARS Teen drama series starring Lucy Hale, Pretty Little ___
LIARS People who twist the truth
LIARS Iago and his ilk
LIARS Albert is not into liberal arts as they are big fibbers
LIARS Perjurers
LIARS Specialists in storytelling?
LIARS Tellers of tales
LIARS Tall tale tellers
LIARS Story tellers
LIARS They tell untruths
LIARS Whopper peddlers
LIARS ___ paradox
LIARS Cretans, as described in the Epimenides paradox
LIARS Tribe in some logic puzzles
LIARS Half the natives, in many logic riddles
LIARS Untrustworthy sorts
LIARS Untrustworthy sorts
LIARS Deceitful ones
LIARS ___ poker (bar game)
LIARS Truth tellers' opposite
LIARS Twisted rails can be deceptive
LIARS "It is the nature of ambition to make men __": Tynan
LIARS ___ dice (gambling game)
LIARS Baloney tradesmen?
LIARS Deceitful people
LIARS Ananias and his ilk
LIARS Some are compulsive
LIARS Those who are prone to stretch the truth
LIARS Fabulists
LIARS Fiction writers?
LIARS Tricksters
LIARS Fibbers
LIARS Untruthful ones
LIARS Misleaders
LIARS Fabricators of facts
LIARS Sources of stories
LIARS Truth benders
LIARS People who tell untruths
LIARS Teen mystery thriller series, Pretty Little ___
LIARS Deceitful folks
LIARS People who don't tell the truth
LIARS Fudgers of facts
LIARS People not to be trusted
LIARS Witnesses to avoid
LIARS Whopper inventors
LIARS Perjurers are off the rails
LIARS Those not to be trusted
LIARS Figures in a classic logic problem
LIARS Servers of whoppers
LIARS Their accounts cannot be relied upon
LIARS Untrue experimental rock band?
LIARS Ones spinning webs?
LIARS Faux-tellers
LIARS They don't tell the truth
LIARS They'll sell you a porky scratching - it's first on bar back
LIARS Fibbing sorts
LIARS Some of their familiar stories may not be believed
LIARS "Pretty Little ___"
LIARS Con men, usually
LIARS People who tell tall tales
LIARS Those who need sound memories, per Montaigne
LIARS Fact fudgers
LIARS Those who tell falsehoods
LIARS Inventive types?
LIARS Freeform series, "Pretty Little -"
LIARS Make up artists?
LIARS They are responsible for incredible stories
LIARS Fibbers, plus
LIARS Those like Amy in "Gone Girl"
LIARS Good ones have straight faces
LIARS They falsify their accounts
LIARS People that tell untruths to get to shows
LIARS They make whoppers
LIARS Tuck and his ilk
LIARS Pinocchio and his kind
LIARS "Pretty Little ___" (ABC Family teen drama)
LIARS Fib tellers
LIARS They're beyond belief
LIARS Dishonest folks
LIARS People with their pants on fire?
LIARS Storytelling specialists
LIARS Prevaricators
LIARS Deceivers
LIARS Untruthful people
LIARS Dishonest types
LIARS Those who fib
LIARS Tale twisters
LIARS ___ poker (dollar bill game)
LIARS ___ poker
LIARS Extreme exaggerators
LIARS They aren't straight
LIARS Untrustworthy people
LIARS "It is the nature of ambition to make men ___": Tynan

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