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LESLIE Bob Hope's real first name
LESLIE Broadway singer/actress Uggams
LESLIE Girl"s name
LESLIE He played Ashley in "Gone With the Wind"
LESLIE Real first name of Bob Hope and Twiggy
LESLIE Ms Ash who once behaved badly with Neil Morrissey?
LESLIE Actor who played Den Watts in BBC TV soap EastEnders
LESLIE ...... Law, Olympic three-day event equestrian champion in 2004
LESLIE Canadian comic actor Nielsen
LESLIE Sara Gilbert in The Big Bang Theory, ... Winkle
LESLIE "Moon Over Miami" lyricist Edgar
LESLIE Actor Nielsen of "Airplane!"
LESLIE Mountain's West
LESLIE Surname, boy and girl name from a Scottish place name
LESLIE "Gigi" (1958) star Ms. Caron
LESLIE Caron of "An American in Paris"
LESLIE He played Ashley Wilkes in Gone With The Wind and died when his plane was shot down during WWII, ...
LESLIE Chap making a name by showing his invention to the French?
LESLIE Original 60 Minutes reporter (Ian ------)
LESLIE Mr. Magoo portrayer Nielsen
LESLIE Mann or Nielsen
LESLIE Ash for one vessel oddly cut during fabrication
LESLIE Gerald Ford, nee ___ King Jr.
LESLIE "The Saint" creator Charteris
LESLIE & 6D Original Eastenders actor who passed away in June 2018
LESLIE Scottish John who hosted Blue Peter
LESLIE He played Ashley
LESLIE Law, British eventer who won the individual gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics
LESLIE "The Saint" creator ___ Charteris
LESLIE Actress Caron
LESLIE Fred's "Daddy Long Legs" co-star
LESLIE SNL star Jones
LESLIE Nielsen of "The Naked Gun"
LESLIE Subway station on the Sheppard line in Toronto
LESLIE Hefty rocker ___ West
LESLIE Caron of 'Gigi'
LESLIE "The Naked Gun" actor Nielsen
LESLIE He sang, "Oh, don't let them begin the Beguine"; ... Hutchinson
LESLIE Lisa of the WNBA
LESLIE "Spy Hard" star, with 9D
LESLIE Howard of "Gone With the Wind"
LESLIE Amy's "Parks and Recreation" role
LESLIE "This Is 40" actress Mann
LESLIE A Nielsen
LESLIE I'll see if it changes him
LESLIE ___ Grantham, actor
LESLIE Tony-winning singer/actor ___ Odom Jr.
LESLIE ___ Knope, the character played by Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation
LESLIE The French will tell fibs about him
LESLIE Caron of "Gigi"
LESLIE I'll see about name for boy
LESLIE Comic Jones formerly of "S.N.L."
LESLIE Caron of “Gigi”
LESLIE "Roots" actress Uggams
LESLIE Lead role on "Parks and Recreation"
LESLIE Actor Nielsen of "Airplane!"
LESLIE Comedian Jones

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