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LENIN Revolutionary who said "the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them"
LENIN Communist party developer
LENIN "Since ___ Died": Max Eastman
LENIN Former Russian ruler
LENIN Historic Russian ruler
LENIN Leonard is at home as Communist leader
LENIN Moscow's ___ Museum
LENIN Revolutionary leader from 9 up to 50
LENIN Bolshevik leader who was in Zurich when Russia revolted in 1917
LENIN Non-believers observe missing Russian leader from the past
LENIN Former world leader who sounds like a rock legend
LENIN The French nation finally elected a Communist
LENIN His statue (minus its head) can be found in Arlington's Freedom Park
LENIN He said "A lie told often enough becomes truth"
LENIN Line travelled by new ruler
LENIN Defunct award
LENIN "What Is to Be Done?" pamphleteer, 1901
LENIN "What Is to Be Done?" writer
LENIN VI, Russian statesman who died in 1924
LENIN "Pravda" cofounder
LENIN His mausoleum is in Red Square
LENIN He's entombed in Red Square
LENIN Trans-Alai peak
LENIN Revolutionary left small square after rising
LENIN Bolshevik leader in the October Revolution
LENIN Revolutionary leader initially followed by figure from east
LENIN McCluskey, elected a giant of the left
LENIN Revolutionary man of the cloth, one swapping with European
LENIN Russian leader. b.1870 d.1924
LENIN Soviet leader
LENIN First head of the USSR
LENIN Old Soviet premier
LENIN Local leader takes nine up to revolutionary leader
LENIN Leader on view in Red Square
LENIN Starting with fifty, he returned with nine
LENIN Russian leader of the communist revolution / USSR premier
LENIN First leader of USSR
LENIN First premier of the United Soviet Socialist Republics
LENIN Soviet leader made advances in no time
LENIN First Soviet premier
LENIN October Revolution name
LENIN St. Petersburg was once named after him
LENIN Russian Marxist politician who died in 1924
LENIN New line by new leader
LENIN He left nine at the bend
LENIN The city named for this early Bolshevik leader was under German siege for 900 days until Russian tro
LENIN Leader of revolution
LENIN Well-preserved leader
LENIN Red revolutionary
LENIN A communist leader left about nine
LENIN Billy Joel did a concert in a city named for him
LENIN Survivor of two 1918 assassination attempts
LENIN The French name at home for a revolutionary leader
LENIN He's interred in Red Square
LENIN He wrote "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back"
LENIN Leader with a goatee
LENIN Leader born in the city now called Ulyanovsk
LENIN The revolution in March 1917 found this Bolshevik leader in exile in Switzerland
LENIN ___ Peace Prize (award discontinued in 1990)
LENIN The city named for this early Bolshevik leader was under German siege for 900 days until Russian troops liberated it in January 1944
LENIN Author of the pamphlet "What Is To Be Done?"
LENIN Bedding I swapped with ease at first for Vladimir Ilyich
LENIN The first premier of the United Soviet Socialist Republic
LENIN Order of ___ (bygone award)
LENIN Red giant
LENIN He rests in Red Square
LENIN Bolshevik left nine out
LENIN Revolutionary Vladimir
LENIN Revolutionary leader left - number's up?
LENIN Former Red head
LENIN Did he return to with a femininely touch to Russia?
LENIN Russian ruler
LENIN 1917 Russia: Bolshevik Revolution leader Vladimir
LENIN "Materialism and Empirio-criticism" author
LENIN Writer of the "April Theses"
LENIN Early Communist leader
LENIN Marxist theoretician
LENIN 'April Theses' author
LENIN Russian rebel in 1917
LENIN Red Square leftist leader, lying back
LENIN Famous tomb occupant
LENIN "Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism" author
LENIN A number left hanging up by a Russian revolutionary
LENIN 1917 name
LENIN Former Russian leader changing the linen?
LENIN Communist made advances no end, getting elected
LENIN Statue toppled in Kiev in 2013
LENIN Soviet iron man
LENIN Revolutionary process for linen
LENIN Communist leader, once
LENIN Russian revolutionist
LENIN A series of strokes ended the career of this Russian revolutionary leader, who died in 1924
LENIN Inspiration for Old Major of "Animal Farm"
LENIN V.I., Russian statesman who was the first premier of the Soviet Union
LENIN Overthrower of Kerensky
LENIN He had to change the linen
LENIN Communist leader of old
LENIN Bolshevik leader
LENIN A Red Square rally in the centre moving left

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