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LEER Give the hairy eyeball
LEER Look like a satyr
LEER Satyr's stare
LEER Goatish glance
LEER Look that may be accompanied by a smirk
LEER Look for back-spin
LEER Act the villain
LEER Villainous visage
LEER Look like a villain
LEER Rake's look
LEER Look at menacingly
LEER How roue look?
LEER Look that makes one look away
LEER Look from Hook
LEER Impolite glance
LEER It's painted on some masks
LEER Notice omitted from editorial? That's an odd look
LEER Lecherous look about a dance
LEER Lecherous look of king reported
LEER Look lecherous when the spool is taken up
LEER Look like a dirty old man
LEER Look that inspires weird feelings
LEER What womanizers do
LEER Couple erroneously included a sly glance
LEER Look like a lecher
LEER Groucho's gaze
LEER Look of a wolf
LEER Eye impolitely
LEER Eye impolitely
LEER Look for a film villain
LEER Look with lust
LEER Provocative look
LEER Unwelcome look
LEER Lupine look
LEER Look for the letter a teetotaller"s lost!
LEER Lounge lizard's look
LEER Annealing oven
LEER Check-out Shakespearean character on the radio
LEER Jack-o'-lantern effect
LEER To read, to Rodrigo
LEER Undress with one's eyes
LEER Furtive glance
LEER Look at with beady eyes
LEER Villain's grimace
LEER Look to make a new hat out of leather
LEER Smile
LEER Sinister stare
LEER Gaze at
LEER Give the stink eye
LEER Askance glance
LEER The lascivious look of a heartless lecher
LEER Stare lustfully
LEER "Curiously strong" mint
LEER Take a bad, long look
LEER Not-so-nice look
LEER Eye with desire
LEER Make eyes at
LEER Make eyes at
LEER Facial expression
LEER Cast a creepy glance
LEER Look with malicious intent
LEER Wolf whistle accompanier, maybe
LEER Look that can make you feel creepy
LEER Offensive facial expression
LEER Look intently
LEER Look intently
LEER Look for chap on the right
LEER Oblique look
LEER Ogle, look suggestively
LEER Look slyly or maliciously
LEER Look slyly or mali ciously
LEER Sneer at
LEER Drool
LEER See 45 Down
LEER Stare salaciously (at)
LEER Make eyes
LEER Look of a tragic king?
LEER Squint
LEER Look at a spool the wrong way round
LEER Equal to a nobleman
LEER Look like a creep?
LEER Look longingly
LEER Sly look from 5D revolutionary that's lost heart
LEER Unwelcome look, usually
LEER Look at a Playboy Club?
LEER Playboy's look
LEER Sneer
LEER Lecherous look
LEER Groucho's grimace
LEER The look of one left for ever?
LEER Look of questionable intent
LEER Stare and stumble around
LEER Lascivious look
LEER Sly look
LEER Look malevolent
LEER Salacious look

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