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LAX SoCal destination
LAX Inactive
LAX Code for the airport in California where the stars fly in/fly out
LAX Vague
LAX Indefinite
LAX In conversation, wants to be careless
LAX Sloppy
LAX Its ETAs are PST
LAX Slapdash
LAX Amateur
LAX Wanton
LAX Far from a stickler
LAX Hardly hard-nosed
LAX Unprofessional
LAX Not exactly strict
LAX Hardly a disciplinarian
LAX Far from rigorous
LAX Negligent, does not have to be heard
LAX Regardless
LAX West coast airport, for short
LAX Inert
LAX Beaklike
LAX Delinquent
LAX A noted figure, but remiss
LAX Slipshod
LAX Slipshod
LAX Forgetful
LAX Soft
LAX Left Coast bag tag abbr.
LAX Behindhand
LAX Hardly a ball-buster
LAX Calif. Hub
LAX Claxon gets loose
LAX Guiding
LAX Easy
LAX Tolerant
LAX The French kiss is rather sloppy
LAX Leisurely
LAX Calif. touchdown site
LAX Undemanding
LAX Is it true Linum lost head? Not strictly so
LAX Drooping
LAX Some ladies kiss sloppily
LAX Lessen
LAX Asleep at the switch
LAX Laid back
LAX Bradley Intl. letters
LAX Being sloppy makes the French cross
LAX Heavy weight
LAX Heavy weight
LAX Unrestrained
LAX Careless enough to make half the lads cross
LAX Squeamish
LAX Squealing
LAX Shapeless
LAX Airport for The Kardashians, commonly
LAX Tractable
LAX Not rigid
LAX Anything but severe
LAX Imprecise
LAX Inaccurate
LAX So-called "Gateway to the Pacific Rim," informally
LAX Beaked
LAX Noted newspaper, in its Web address
LAX Third-busiest U.S. airport
LAX Unconstrained
LAX Busiest airport on the West Coast, informally
LAX CA airport
LAX Easygoing
LAX W. Coast airport one might think has poor security?
LAX Slack
LAX The Continental kiss is somewhat sloppy
LAX Loosen
LAX Negligent
LAX Lenient
LAX Airport near 8 Down
LAX Unmindful
LAX Remiss
LAX Loose with the rules
LAX Loose
LAX Left Coast airport letters
LAX Poor, as security
LAX Patched
LAX Compassionate
LAX Indifferent
LAX Left Coast luggage tag
LAX Careless
LAX "The Graduate" begins there
LAX West Coast air hub
LAX Irresponsible
LAX Licentious
LAX Indolent
LAX Lazy
LAX Native American ball game, informally

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