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LAWYER Will Rogers observed that to make crime pay you had to become this sort of professional
LAWYER Film about Little Women's brief
LAWYER Either Bill or Hillary Clinton, once
LAWYER Ambulance chaser
LAWYER Clarence Darrow, notably
LAWYER Bar Association member
LAWYER Hillary Clinton, for one
LAWYER No cops in the cow parsley, but maybe a solicitor
LAWYER Representative
LAWYER Barrister
LAWYER Solicitor, barrister
LAWYER Profession of Neighbours" Toadie Rebecchi
LAWYER His instruction is brief
LAWYER Barrister collapsed wearily, having lost one
LAWYER Grisham's former occupation
LAWYER Matthew Mcconaughey and Marisa Tomei thriller, The Lincoln ___
LAWYER Spieler
LAWYER Barman's one whiskey in bed
LAWYER Profession of manipulative Hollyoaks village resident James Nightingale
LAWYER Brief filer
LAWYER The instruction he gets will be brief
LAWYER Women in early novel by court figure
LAWYER Advocate
LAWYER Student terribly weary of legal man
LAWYER Solicitor obtaining wry ale recipe
LAWYER Preparer of briefs
LAWYER Legal adviser
LAWYER Solicitor's wife in bed
LAWYER Barrister needing week to stuff chicken?
LAWYER Solicotor or barrister
LAWYER Barrister or solicitor
LAWYER Professional women wearing coat
LAWYER Loophole finder
LAWYER Many a character on "The Good Wife"
LAWYER Barman's wife is in bed
LAWYER Man at the bar?
LAWYER Defender of justice
LAWYER Advocate the French system; without a Queen
LAWYER Advocate wife should be in bed
LAWYER Professional women stay in bed
LAWYER Legal expert hides woman in a sheet
LAWYER Legal professional
LAWYER Danny Crane, e.g.
LAWYER Legal practitioner
LAWYER Wife in early trouble with solicitor
LAWYER Attorney in the US
LAWYER Legal representative
LAWYER In bed with legal representative
LAWYER Early reforms engrossing western solicitor, say
LAWYER Profession of Emmerdale"s Rakesh Kotecha
LAWYER Brief preparer
LAWYER Many a president
LAWYER Legal eagle
LAWYER Legal eagle
LAWYER Brief film entertains wife
LAWYER Why real changes not hard for a legal person
LAWYER Grisham character, often
LAWYER Toadie Rebecchi"s profession in Neighbours
LAWYER Solicitor or barrister
LAWYER Attorney
LAWYER Put down coat, fencing with barman
LAWYER Advocate having wife in bed
LAWYER Early shot of whiskey inside for barman
LAWYER Ally Mcbeal was one
LAWYER Solicitor, for example
LAWYER Member of the legal profession
LAWYER Lincoln was one
LAWYER Legal advisor
LAWYER Person in the legal profession
LAWYER He appears in court for the French state against the Queen
LAWYER Brief film, gripping western
LAWYER Women in early settlement up in front of the judge
LAWYER I'll have a brief look for new suit
LAWYER Possibly advocate wife being kept in bed
LAWYER Judge could become weary with Latin
LAWYER One provides legal advice
LAWYER Perry Mason, for one
LAWYER Crime thriller starring Matthew Mcconaughey, The Lincoln ___
LAWYER What Toadie Rebecchi does for a living in Neighbours
LAWYER Wife in coat, or professional appearing in suit
LAWYER Elizabeth May, for one
LAWYER Member of legal profession
LAWYER Billy McBride on 'Goliath,' e.g.
LAWYER Brief film carrying weight
LAWYER He may be in court while wife's in bed
LAWYER Brief film about west
LAWYER Solicitor
LAWYER Man at bar orders early, drinking whiskey
LAWYER "Let's kill all the -s" (Henry VI/2)
LAWYER Barrister's wife slicing chicken?
LAWYER Barman makes early move about head waiter
LAWYER Legal expert
LAWYER Group of Surrey walkers turning back, in brief
LAWYER Bet Queen accepts Welsh court worker

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