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LAWS Prophecies
LAWS Experts
LAWS Murphy's and Godwin's, for two
LAWS Samuel ___, inventor of the stock ticker
LAWS Capitol output
LAWS They shouldn't be broken
LAWS Wage and hour __ (legislation enforced by the Department of Labor)
LAWS Items in a code
LAWS Sources
LAWS Ruling
LAWS Measure
LAWS Sayings
LAWS Digests
LAWS Delivery of Moses
LAWS There are three for motion
LAWS Standards
LAWS Assizes
LAWS Notices
LAWS Inventions
LAWS Guides
LAWS Directions
LAWS Bad things to break
LAWS Bills
LAWS Canadian Firearms ___ (recent regulations)
LAWS David ---, former Liberal Democrat MP who was Chief Secretary to the Treasury for 17 days in 2010
LAWS Measures
LAWS Taboos
LAWS Cases
LAWS Commands
LAWS Orders
LAWS Authoritys
LAWS Rituals
LAWS What police officers enforce
LAWS Felons flout them
LAWS Methods
LAWS Charges
LAWS Subpoenas
LAWS Code makeup, maybe
LAWS They're broken by robbers
LAWS Crooks break them
LAWS They may be broken on purpose
LAWS Reasons
LAWS Constitution
LAWS Realities
LAWS Basics
LAWS Facts
LAWS Oracles
LAWS Oracles
LAWS Beck's "Sexx ___"
LAWS Bills of the past
LAWS Instructions
LAWS Principles and regulations recognized and enforced by the judicial system
LAWS Grounds
LAWS Items on the books
LAWS Code's contents
LAWS Beliefs
LAWS Doctor of ___ (degree)
LAWS Demands
LAWS Regulations
LAWS "The In-___" (1979 Falk/Arkin film)
LAWS Rules that are followed in a country
LAWS They're made by Parliament
LAWS Codes
LAWS Fundamentals
LAWS Code components
LAWS House work
LAWS Judges' concerns
LAWS Documents
LAWS Mottoes
LAWS Mottos
LAWS Caveats
LAWS Rules mad by government which don't apply to 5 Down, because he's too cool for 41 Across
LAWS Words to live by
LAWS Dictates
LAWS Justices
LAWS Canons
LAWS Tests
LAWS Propositions
LAWS Proposals
LAWS '___ are silent in times of war': Cicero
LAWS Known as the Golden Tonsils, which Australian radio announcer retired on air on June 25, 2007 after
LAWS They were once bills
LAWS In-___ (relatives by marriage)
LAWS Decisions
LAWS Goons break them
LAWS Rules and regulations
LAWS Regulation
LAWS Concerns of judges
LAWS Summonses
LAWS They are made and then broken
LAWS Projects
LAWS Warrants
LAWS Customs
LAWS Traditions
LAWS Usages
LAWS They're still intact after they're broken
LAWS Systems

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