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LAWRENCE American naval hero
LAWRENCE She plays Katniss Everdeen in 33 Across (with 15 Across)
LAWRENCE He wrote about cutting grass before church
LAWRENCE Josie ?, actress who played Manda Best in BBC TV soap EastEnders from 2009-10
LAWRENCE Son of a coalminer and a lace-maker, a prolific writer whose novels include The White Peacock, The Rainbow, Women in Love and Lady Chatterley's Lover
LAWRENCE Tom ........ , Wales attacker signed by Derby from Leicester in August
LAWRENCE Former England Rugby Union captain
LAWRENCE A celeb in a war for a moving picture shot by 17 6
LAWRENCE Man of Arabia?
LAWRENCE Author and wife about to break a long spear
LAWRENCE The new owner of Emmerdale"s Home Farm Estate
LAWRENCE See 45English Antarctic explorer who walked out of a tent into a blizzard in 1912
LAWRENCE Source of novel combination of children and partners
LAWRENCE "Mama's Family" star
LAWRENCE Clear new translation for writer, one associated with Arabia
LAWRENCE D. H. _, Lady Chatterley's Lover novelist
LAWRENCE Architect put in ornamental fabric for writer
LAWRENCE Former NYPD Blue actress, Sharon ...
LAWRENCE Lean crew moved by Lady Chatterley's Lover author
LAWRENCE Lady Chatterley's Lover writer
LAWRENCE Jack who wrote the lyrics to "Tenderly"
LAWRENCE Nickname of WWI soldier hero, ... of Arabia
LAWRENCE Hollywood actress Jennifer ___
LAWRENCE T.E. ___, soldier: D.H. ___, novelist
LAWRENCE *With 71-Across, 1962
LAWRENCE Author shows little bird dissecting string
LAWRENCE "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" autobiographer
LAWRENCE Film role for O'Toole
LAWRENCE Leader of the Arab revolt against the Turks
LAWRENCE With 40-Down, film that opened on 12/16/1962
LAWRENCE Welk with a baton
LAWRENCE "Sons and Lovers" novelist
LAWRENCE Great Lakes route, St ... Seaway
LAWRENCE First class renewal process for Jennifer
LAWRENCE Kenyan long-distance runner who won the men's Boston Marathon on 15 April 2019
LAWRENCE T E —, British military officer who authored 1926 volume Seven Pillars of Wisdom
LAWRENCE "Dark Phoenix" actress Jennifer
LAWRENCE Stylish boutique hotel and wedding venue in Padiham, Burnley; winner of the New Business Award in 2018's Lancashire Tourism Awards
LAWRENCE Sir Thomas _; English painter of Queen Charlotte

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