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LAWN Mower's target
LAWN Rules with a number that might need cutting
LAWN Where to do mower work
LAWN Code name for some grass
LAWN Type of "Boy" to Phish
LAWN Bermuda quadrangle?
LAWN Grass skirts of women on half of lads
LAWN Should be green, but you can arrange to get it in walnut
LAWN ___ chair (seating option at a cookout, often)
LAWN It keeps the grass down
LAWN Area of grass tended to look like fine linen
LAWN Backyard
LAWN The foreign women with no capital requiring seed money perhaps to get started
LAWN Fine linen fragment found in architectural awning
LAWN Some crushed walnuts on the grass
LAWN 50 bits of grass? - will be a lot more than that!
LAWN Dress material often associated with tennis
LAWN Place for an egg roll
LAWN Place for an egg roll?
LAWN The 1 across tennis championship is organised by the England ___ Tennis and Croquet 18 across!
LAWN This plot thickens
LAWN Tennis venue, maybe
LAWN New rule' s introduced in type of tennis
LAWN Fine stuff for walking on in summer!
LAWN Fine cotton or linen fabric or the L of Wimbledon's LTA
LAWN Enclosure
LAWN Woodland
LAWN "For sale" sign site
LAWN Cultivated land
LAWN Recreation area
LAWN Point to a rule of material significance
LAWN Central Park's Great ___
LAWN Barnyard
LAWN Dandelion's home, often
LAWN Home area to be mowed
LAWN Grass to mow
LAWN If it's not a white material it's green
LAWN Rule connected with northern part of garden?
LAWN It may have a few weeds
LAWN Carpet grass carpet
LAWN Spot for tennis
LAWN Quadrangle
LAWN Manicure candidate
LAWN Clearing
LAWN The police acquire new grass
LAWN Croquet locale
LAWN Park Place
LAWN Homeowner's pride
LAWN Patio
LAWN Tennis surface, sometimes
LAWN Fine cotton fabric used for summer dresses, patchwork, scrunchies or lavender bags; or, a grassy area for croquet, quoits or garden parties
LAWN "You kids, get off my ___!" (grouchy homeowner's cry)
LAWN Estate
LAWN Home turf
LAWN Forest
LAWN US city to succeed in disposing of one grassy area
LAWN Grounds
LAWN What a sidewalk may abut
LAWN Fine stuff for sitting on in summer
LAWN Type of thin linen or cotton
LAWN One that may be laid down at back of garden?
LAWN Play area
LAWN Play area
LAWN Corral
LAWN Village green
LAWN Close
LAWN Bad spot for dandelions to appear
LAWN An area of mown grass
LAWN Manicured expanse
LAWN Meadow
LAWN Back forty
LAWN North ___ (White House area)
LAWN Place for a pink flamingo
LAWN Student gets a piece of grass - in fact a sward!
LAWN Easter egg hunt locale
LAWN Great ___ (grassy part of Central Park)
LAWN Courtyard
LAWN Terrace
LAWN Area of garden grass
LAWN Patch
LAWN Patch
LAWN Ranch
LAWN Grass around a house
LAWN Grassy area
LAWN Loam went regularly into grassy area
LAWN Part of the yard
LAWN The old sod?
LAWN Sprinkler's place
LAWN Egg-roll site
LAWN Sprinkler
LAWN ___ chair

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