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LAMPREY Fish in batter animal hunted as food
LAMPREY Why a light-headed soldier"s in front of a swimmer
LAMPREY Left by morning to hunt for seafood
LAMPREY Just the creature to wallop its victim?
LAMPREY Fish-like vertebrate
LAMPREY Eel-like vertebrate that feeds on the blood of other animals
LAMPREY The ell-like creature beat its victim
LAMPREY Swimmer seen in large empty aquarium before game
LAMPREY Fish: morning target for hunter beside lake
LAMPREY ...beat quarry - it's a sucker for stones
LAMPREY Underwater bloodsucker
LAMPREY We hear innocent sort's a victim and a sucker
LAMPREY Fish batter something a hunter will eat
LAMPREY Soldiers hungry at the end after light seafood
LAMPREY Sucker's perm styled and fringed by amateur
LAMPREY Creature spending many a morning with its victim?
LAMPREY Aquatic bloodsucker
LAMPREY It has a fixed open mouth from which my pearl came
LAMPREY Long fish in batter, food one hunts down
LAMPREY Innocent type almost a victim, a sucker to some
LAMPREY To beat one"s victim is a bit fishy
LAMPREY Fish in lake in the morning to get something caught?
LAMPREY Slippery one
LAMPREY Type of eel
LAMPREY Type of eel
LAMPREY Beat supplied with quarry, an eel-like creature
LAMPREY Buffet with game fish
LAMPREY Aquatic sucker
LAMPREY Freshwater eel-like fish
LAMPREY It keeps its mouth open to strike victim
LAMPREY Beat victim, a sucker of sorts
LAMPREY The French victim got married to bloodsucker
LAMPREY To beat one’s victim is a bit fishy

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