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LAMPOON Caricature
LAMPOON A parliamentarian involved in a silly subject to ridicule
LAMPOON Laugh at
LAMPOON Satirise a politician taken in by a simple-minded fellow
LAMPOON The French member has nothing on in the satire
LAMPOON Mock "lamp" with nothing on
LAMPOON City politician loves northern satire
LAMPOON Ridicule eccentric about topless seductress
LAMPOON Light working with nothing plugged in? It must be a spoof
LAMPOON As a skit it's light, nothing advanced
LAMPOON Take off for moon lap
LAMPOON Satire that's a bit harsh
LAMPOON Travesty
LAMPOON Poke fun at
LAMPOON Poke fun at a politician in flier
LAMPOON Travesty of light o' love with knight
LAMPOON Make fun of
LAMPOON Send up light satellite missing a bit of machinery
LAMPOON Take off light, working outside the circle
LAMPOON Harsh satire
LAMPOON Take off
LAMPOON Ridicule a politician cornered by fool
LAMPOON Guy is light, having nothing on!
LAMPOON Oscar working after light satire
LAMPOON What"s almost completely crazy about a politician is evident in satire
LAMPOON Ridicule for a politician ensnared by bird
LAMPOON National ___, bygone humor magazine
LAMPOON Satire involving the French politician with ring on
LAMPOON Mock the French politician with nothing on
LAMPOON Fool accepting amount of current ridicule
LAMPOON Send up or put down
LAMPOON National ___ (satire mag)
LAMPOON Satirize without mercy
LAMPOON Local crackpot hides musical equipment for skit
LAMPOON Band booster in wacko satire
LAMPOON Make fun of the French politician with nothing on
LAMPOON Publicly criticise someone by using ridicule, irony or sarcasm
LAMPOON Ridicule
LAMPOON Send up light with nothing on
LAMPOON Satire of so-called Ancient Mariner to receive booster
LAMPOON Satirise a politician taken in by simple-minded person
LAMPOON Make fun of old fool found lurking around politician
LAMPOON Nola takes a mop and uses it in personal satire
LAMPOON Simple-minded person - that's a politician in satire
LAMPOON Make fun of diving bird that swallowed torn map
LAMPOON Round partitions something we might switch in dark parody
LAMPOON Ironic criticism to shed light over nothing
LAMPOON A not entirely illuminating guy
LAMPOON Satirize
LAMPOON Guy is light, having nothing on!
LAMPOON Rascal active politician stops to ridicule
LAMPOON Ridicule satirically, as in a magazine or film
LAMPOON Satirise

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