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LAMP Optics
LAMP Nightingale's vessel
LAMP Kind of post or lighter
LAMP Sister is not in slipstream with light
LAMP Strike a light!
LAMP Light on a bedside table
LAMP Source of light drink consuming male
LAMP It burns one's palm, possibly
LAMP Oil burner
LAMP Left a politician something enlightening
LAMP Florence Nightingale was known as the Lady with this illuminating device
LAMP Electric Light Orchestra's final minute cutting record
LAMP First responder's headwear, perhaps
LAMP Implement for Aladdin
LAMP Oil holder, perhaps
LAMP It throws light on 1"s substitute tail
LAMP Pole ___ (floor-to-ceiling fixture)
LAMP Provides illumination at the opening and closing of Lady and the Tramp
LAMP Gaslight / lantern
LAMP Where a genie might be trapped
LAMP See 8D, Down Safety device named after its 18th/19th-century Cornish inventor, Sir Humphry
LAMP Soot used as a pigment
LAMP Desk accessory
LAMP Desk item
LAMP Dormitory desk item
LAMP See 10
LAMP Item beside an easy chair
LAMP Examine
LAMP Source of illumination as there's no sign in sampling
LAMP Look at
LAMP "___ Unto My Feet": longtime CBS religious program
LAMP Source of light / gas light
LAMP Headlight
LAMP It sheds light on the French politician
LAMP Regard
LAMP Buffet table heat source
LAMP A device for producing a steady light
LAMP Aladdin's gadget
LAMP The bearer of pantomime spirit?
LAMP Jimi Hendrix's "Burning of the Midnight ___"
LAMP Beat that's soft and light
LAMP Tiffany ___
LAMP Recognize
LAMP Cave explorer's need
LAMP Illumination for the French politician
LAMP Light beat has power
LAMP The French politician came to light
LAMP Light with a base
LAMP "The Magic ___" (1956 Gene Kelly film)
LAMP Nightingale's symbol
LAMP Item associated with Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing
LAMP Notice
LAMP Light that may be got from the palm
LAMP Illuminate
LAMP Source of artificial light
LAMP Light fixture or signal device
LAMP Tiffany treasure
LAMP Floor or flood
LAMP Teena Marie's "Aladdin's ___"
LAMP Prop for Aladdin
LAMP Camper's purchase
LAMP Light using large unit of electrical current
LAMP Home furnishing product with a shade
LAMP Opens Lennon and McCartney's performance and is a source of illumination
LAMP Heat source at a fast-food restaurant
LAMP Lighthouse light
LAMP Desktop item
LAMP Desktop item, maybe
LAMP Night table item
LAMP Glance
LAMP An eye on the electric light bulb
LAMP Part of the Pixar logo
LAMP Globe
LAMP Aladdin's loss
LAMP Boon to Aladdin
LAMP Glimpse
LAMP Aladdin's find
LAMP "Aladdin" prop
LAMP Perceive
LAMP End table item
LAMP Bouncing item in the Pixar logo
LAMP Round about the figure there's a light
LAMP See 19 Across
LAMP Observe
LAMP Item on an end table
LAMP Inspect
LAMP It illuminates large electronic equipment
LAMP Miner's light source
LAMP Aladdin's asset
LAMP Luminescence
LAMP Aladdin's shiner
LAMP Word with light or shade
LAMP Aladdin's magic item
LAMP Aladdin had a magic one
LAMP Identify

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