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KOBE Court star named for a steak
KOBE Asian beef source
KOBE Asian city heavily bombed during W.W. II
KOBE Honshu city popular with steak fans
KOBE Expensive cut
KOBE 2005-06 NBA leading scorer ___ Bryant
KOBE ___ beef: delicacy which takes its name from the Japanese region it comes from.
KOBE Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers
KOBE Laker leaper Bryant
KOBE Former NBA star ___ Bryant
KOBE Hoopster Bryant
KOBE Hoops star Bryant
KOBE Japanese port city
KOBE Longtime teammate of 12-Down
KOBE Japanese city
KOBE Japanese city where karaoke was invented
KOBE Honshu city
KOBE Honshu city
KOBE City in Japan
KOBE Site of a 1995 earthquake that killed more than 5,000 people
KOBE Japanese seaport that was hit with a major earthquake in 1995
KOBE Japanese port that suffered a massive earthquake in 1995
KOBE Bryant of hoops fame
KOBE Bryant of NBA fame
KOBE One of Shaq's teammates
KOBE Beloved beef
KOBE City most affected by the Great Hanshin earthquake of 1995
KOBE Japanese port
KOBE Hoops great Bryant
KOBE He played and lost in the 2004 NBA finals
KOBE Chant at a Lakers game
KOBE Basketball great Bryant
KOBE City near Osaka
KOBE Site of a devastating 1995 earthquake
KOBE Port city near Osaka
KOBE Former teammate of Shaquille
KOBE Laker great, familiarly
KOBE Lakers' great Bryant
KOBE Laker Bryant
KOBE - Bryant, basketball star who played for the LA Lakers
KOBE 1995 earthquake city
KOBE Capital of Hyogo prefecture
KOBE Retired NBA superstar ___ Bryant
KOBE Big name in recent Laker history
KOBE Bryant who won five NBA championships with the Lakers
KOBE Beef from the Tajima strain of wagyu cattle
KOBE Bryant of the 35-Across
KOBE Wagyu hub
KOBE "The Mamba Mentality: How I Play" writer Bryant
KOBE ___ beef (expensive meat from Japan)
KOBE City famous for steaks
KOBE Prized Japanese beef
KOBE Pricey Japanese beef
KOBE Southern Japanese port city
KOBE 18-time NBA All-Star Bryant
KOBE Japan's sixth-largest city
KOBE Japan's sixth-largest city
KOBE Basketball’s Bryant
KOBE Late Lakers legend Bryant
KOBE Japanese beef type
KOBE Japanese city known for its beef
KOBE Japanese beef variety
KOBE Japanese city famed for its beef

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