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JUMBO Variform
JUMBO Massive
JUMBO Disordered
JUMBO Ransacked
JUMBO Immense
JUMBO Tremendous
JUMBO Huge and bulky
JUMBO Gargantuan
JUMBO Enormous
JUMBO Mammoth
JUMBO Larger than large
JUMBO Gigantic
JUMBO Colossal
JUMBO Misrepresented
JUMBO Huge job's ending after half one month and during second
JUMBO Oversized
JUMBO Very large
JUMBO Very large
JUMBO Goliath
JUMBO Mistaken
JUMBO Unsettled
JUMBO Massive start lacks finish - that stinks!
JUMBO Confounded
JUMBO Perplexing
JUMBO Perplexed
JUMBO Tangled
JUMBO Confutable
JUMBO Chaotic
JUMBO Prodigious
JUMBO Dirtyfaced
JUMBO Dirtyminded
JUMBO Snarled
JUMBO Patchy
JUMBO Overlarge
JUMBO Jim initially gets the boss on a shield for the big animal
JUMBO Large egg size
JUMBO African elephant sold by London Zoo to showman P T Barnum in 1882
JUMBO World Party album "Goodbye ___"
JUMBO Super-sized, large
JUMBO Not tiny
JUMBO Tumbledown
JUMBO Combined
JUMBO Entangled
JUMBO Like some shrimp, ironically
JUMBO Demoralized
JUMBO Demoralizing
JUMBO Disheveled
JUMBO Cluttered
JUMBO Large airliner
JUMBO Large plane required for elephant
JUMBO Disturbing
JUMBO Mixable
JUMBO Huddled
JUMBO Disorganized
JUMBO Owner of trunk that's extra large
JUMBO Combinatory
JUMBO Combinative
JUMBO She'll never forget the Big Grid
JUMBO Combinatorial
JUMBO Combinational
JUMBO Unusually large
JUMBO A trunk on this aircraft?
JUMBO Deranged
JUMBO The name of which 19th Century elephant has entered the English language as a word meaning "huge"?
JUMBO Egg size larger than large
JUMBO Complicated
JUMBO Large animal, especially an elephant
JUMBO Immense
JUMBO Muddled
JUMBO Muddleheaded
JUMBO Mighty
JUMBO Very big okra presented with another starter
JUMBO Sort of plane needed to carry an elephant?
JUMBO Elephantine
JUMBO King-sized
JUMBO Foulsmelling
JUMBO Fouled
JUMBO Foulspoken
JUMBO African elephant sold by London Zoo to showman P T Barnum in 1882

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