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ITT Addamses' hairy cousin
ITT Worldwide manufacturing company, founded in 1920 by brothers who owned the Puerto Rico Telephone Company
ITT Huge bygone US telecom conglomerate
ITT Cyclist's "race of truth" (Abbr.)
ITT Multinational business inits.
ITT Telecom giant, once
ITT Thing's housemate
ITT Major US defense contractor
ITT Telecom giant split in '95
ITT Cousin of 15-Down
ITT Corp. whose name is also its stock symbol
ITT 1960's sitcom role for Felix Silla
ITT "Addams Family" cousin
ITT Defense and electronics giant
ITT Derby-sporting Addams
ITT Old telecom conglomerate
ITT What's dad in "Addams Family Values"
ITT Old inits. in tele-communications
ITT 'Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language' writer
ITT Communications conglomerate
ITT Cousin of TV's Gomez
ITT Cousin ___ of "The Addams Family"
ITT Cousin of Morticia
ITT Gomez Addams' hairy cousin
ITT Cousin of Mortica and Gomez
ITT One of the Addams family
ITT Cousin ___ (hairy character on 'The Addams Family')
ITT Cousin in 'The Addams Family'
ITT Cousin of Gomez and Morticia
ITT "Ooky" Addams Family cousin
ITT Cousin of Gomez Addams
ITT Communications corp.
ITT Caesars World parent company
ITT "The Addams Family" character said to have an IQ higher than 300
ITT Cousin with a hidden face
ITT Felix Silla's odd sixties sitcom role
ITT Hairy Addams cousin
ITT Member of an "ooky" sitcom family
ITT Big business ltrs.
ITT Big inits. in the defense industry
ITT Big corp. in the aerospace industry
ITT Cousin in a 1960s sitcom
ITT Addams cousin
ITT Hirsute Addams family member
ITT Addams Family relation
ITT Gomez's cuz
ITT Communications giant seen as the ugly face of US influence in Chile under the Allende regime
ITT Hairy cousin of TV and film
ITT 1960s TV's Cousin ___
ITT Addams cousin with shades and a hat
ITT Antitrust suit defendant of the '70s
ITT Defense contractor headquartered in Westchester Co.
ITT Major aerospace contractor
ITT GTE competitor, once
ITT "The Addams Family" cousin
ITT U.S. manufacturer founded as a communications co. in 1920
ITT Addams Family relative (Cousin ___)
ITT The Addams Family cousin
ITT Blue chip giant
ITT Long-haired cousin
ITT Sign of a hit
ITT Hairy cousin on a popular "ooky" sitcom
ITT Fortune 500 corp.
ITT Miami Sound Machine hit
ITT Business inits. since 1920
ITT Addams family relative who apparently needed a haircut
ITT Co. that used to own Sheraton
ITT Classic TV's Cousin ___
ITT Big Board listing
ITT Gomez's much hairier cousin
ITT Onetime owner of Avis
ITT Cousin from an "altogether ooky" family
ITT Cousin ___ (Addams Family character)
ITT Hirsute Addams cousin
ITT Acronymic defense contractor
ITT Former giant in communications, for short
ITT Old TV's Cousin ___
ITT "The Addams Family" cousin
ITT Defense contractor whose stock symbol is the same as its name
ITT ___ Tech, notable bankruptcy of 2016
ITT Invitation To Tender
ITT Antitrust suit defendant of the 70's
ITT Hairy cousin in "The Addams Family"
ITT Cousin with floor-length hair
ITT Cousin of classic TV
ITT Mysterious Addams family member
ITT Hairy sitcom cousin
ITT Gomez’s hairy cousin
ITT Communications ltrs.
ITT "Addams Family" cousin
ITT Hairy "Addams Family" cousin
ITT Hairy Addams cousin
ITT Big comm. company, once
ITT Gomez Addams' cousin
ITT Derby-wearing Addams cousin
ITT Cousin voiced by Snoop Dogg in 2019’s “The Addams Family”
ITT Cousin on "The Addams Family"
ITT Computer training center
ITT Addams cousin
ITT Communications conglomerate

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