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ISH "Sorta" relative
ISH Sheep's tail?
ISH Ending for devil or fiend
ISH Moderating suffix
ISH It means "sort of"
ISH Suffix for baby or child
ISH Musician ___ Kabibble
ISH Adjective suffix
ISH "-y" equivalent
ISH Fool's conclusion?
ISH Resembling: Suffix
ISH Approximately suffix
ISH Suffix with sheep or self
ISH Adjective modifier
ISH Suffix meaning "inclined to"
ISH Kinda: Suff.
ISH Suffix used with numbers
ISH Somewhat (Suff.)
ISH Quasi, as an ending
ISH -esque
ISH Suffix for fever or fiend
ISH Selfish one
ISH Selfish one
ISH Suffix with devil
ISH "Kinda" suffix
ISH "Like" suffix
ISH More or less in suffix-speak?
ISH "Or so" suffix
ISH Ending with oaf
ISH Suffix for self
ISH "Like" ending
ISH Ending like "-like"
ISH Ending like "-like"
ISH Suffix with six or eight
ISH Sort of, in slang
ISH It 's kind of this puzzle's theme
ISH "Black-___" (Tracee Ellis Ross sitcom)
ISH Sort of (suffix)
ISH Kabibble of Kay Kyser's band
ISH Kay Kyser's Kabibble
ISH Relative of -like
ISH Cousin of -like
ISH Yellow or green trailer
ISH Suffix for "freak" or "fool"
ISH Conclusion for book or fair
ISH One way to end a standoff
ISH "Friend" finale
ISH Suffix for cartoon or hell
ISH Suffix for "book" or "cartoon"
ISH Wasp tail?
ISH "Sort of" suffix
ISH Sort of: Suffix
ISH Suffix with sheep or child
ISH Estimator's suffix
ISH Sort of, slangily
ISH Bull or fool follower
ISH "Grown-___" (Freeform sitcom)
ISH Suffix like "like"
ISH "Black-___" (ABC sitcom)
ISH Ending with fool or ghoul
ISH Suffix for "fool" or "ghoul"
ISH Language suffix
ISH Wishy-washy suffix
ISH Suffix meaning "to some degree"
ISH Bear or boor follower
ISH Suffix of approximation
ISH Suffix denoting degree
ISH Numerical suffix for "about"
ISH Boy or bull follower
ISH Suffix for "bull" or "fool"
ISH Suffix with girl or boy
ISH It means "kinda"
ISH Language name suffix
ISH Suffix of degree
ISH Suffix of nationalities
ISH Suffix meaning 'Sort of'
ISH Suffix for "sort of"
ISH Suffix with clown or brown
ISH Suffix on color names
ISH Suffix of imprecision
ISH Sort of: Suff.
ISH Suffix with any hour
ISH Suffix with book or freak
ISH Suffix with freak
ISH Kind of at an end?
ISH To some extent
ISH Suffix akin to -esque
ISH Suffix with color names, often
ISH Ending like "like"
ISH Suffix with Turk
ISH Somewhat, in suffix
ISH It means "more or less"
ISH Suffix meaning "to some extent"
ISH It means 'somewhat'
ISH Ending meaning "sort of"
ISH It's like -like
ISH Kinda
ISH It's kind of this puzzle's theme
ISH Suffix with self, sheep or fever
ISH Suffix with boy or girl

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