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ISAAC Patriarch called a "Prophet" in the Koran
ISAAC Newton of gravity fame
ISAAC Sci-fi's Asimov
ISAAC "Lucky Starr" series author Asimov
ISAAC Actor Oscar of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi"
ISAAC Man's name that means "laughter"
ISAAC Hero of Upper Canada, Sir ___ Brock (b.1769 d.1812)
ISAAC But had a different effect on this fellow
ISAAC Biblical name meaning "laughter"
ISAAC Singer of sewing machine fame
ISAAC Prophet of Islam
ISAAC First name of the inventor of calculus
ISAAC Port -; Cornish fishing village where parts of the television adaptation of Rosamunde Pilcher's novel The Shell Seekers was filmed
ISAAC 180-year-old in Genesis
ISAAC Funk of Funk & Wagnalls
ISAAC Port -; Cornish fishing village where scenes of the televisual version of Rosamunde Pilcher's novel
ISAAC Two places to save a designated victim
ISAAC "Theme from Shaft" singer Hayes
ISAAC Father of biblical twins
ISAAC As I see a biblical patriarch
ISAAC Asimov of science fiction
ISAAC First name in sci-fi
ISAAC SF author
ISAAC Sci-fi Foundation series author whose work speculates on artificial intelligence and robotics, ...
ISAAC & 17 Down SF author
ISAAC Science fiction Foundation trilogy writer whose work speculates on artificial intelligence and robot
ISAAC Sci-fi author Asimov
ISAAC "I, Robot" author Asimov
ISAAC *Science fiction author Asimov
ISAAC Sci-fi writer Asimov
ISAAC Name on the cover of "I, Robot"
ISAAC Name on the 'Robot' series books
ISAAC Physicist who published the three laws of motion, Sir ... Newton
ISAAC SF writer Asimov
ISAAC "I, Robot" writer Asimov
ISAAC Name on the "Robot" series books
ISAAC "Foundation" author Asimov
ISAAC I, Robot author's first name
ISAAC First name in science or science fiction
ISAAC Hayes who sang "Do Your Thing"
ISAAC Savings scheme"s current name
ISAAC Brock of the War of 1812
ISAAC $2500 No-Limit Hold'em Short Handed winner Galazan*
ISAAC Man had one article in bag
ISAAC ___ Pitman, developer of shorthand
ISAAC Sir ___ Newton was an English mathematician
ISAAC ___ Asimov, US science fiction author and biochemist
ISAAC Son of Sarah
ISAAC Son of Abraham and Sarah and father of Jacob
ISAAC Asimov or Stern
ISAAC "Don't Let Go" singer Hayes
ISAAC The son of Abraham, one of the three patriarchs of the Israelites
ISAAC Bartender on TV's Pacific Princess
ISAAC Bill is a first name
ISAAC Hearts of faith forsaken, each biblical patriarch
ISAAC Jacob's father's savings scheme account
ISAAC The father of Jacob and Esau in the Old Testament
ISAAC (bible) son of Abraham and Sarah, father of Jacob and Esau
ISAAC Newton with a law named after him
ISAAC Newton of laws
ISAAC Law of gravitation formulator Newton
ISAAC Hayes of "South Park"
ISAAC Hayes who voices "Chef" on "South Park"
ISAAC "Shaft" scorer Hayes
ISAAC Actor who plays Bran Stark in Game of Thrones, ___ Hempstead Wright
ISAAC Ancient name meaning "laughing"
ISAAC Jacob and Esau's father
ISAAC Caravaggio's "The Sacrifice of ___"
ISAAC Calculus inventor Newton
ISAAC "Old Ironsides" Hull
ISAAC Literary Nobelist ___ Bashevis Singer
ISAAC The only son of Abraham
ISAAC Sarah's child is caught nicking articles
ISAAC First name in science fiction
ISAAC Violinist after whom the main auditorium at Carnegie Hall, New York is named
ISAAC Investments of Israel's father
ISAAC Name that is a transliteration of the Hebrew term for "he laughs"
ISAAC Scientist ___ Newton, who was supposedly inspired by a falling apple
ISAAC Hayes of "Shaft"
ISAAC "Shaft" composer Hayes
ISAAC First name shared by Butt and Boss.
ISAAC Newton who lent his name to three laws of motion
ISAAC Biblical child born to a 100-year-old father
ISAAC Dedicated violinist Stern
ISAAC Author Asimov
ISAAC Sir _ _ Newton
ISAAC One of the Sterns
ISAAC Stern that works with a bow
ISAAC Stern with a string
ISAAC Singer Slade of The Fray
ISAAC Old Testament patriarch and father of Jacob and Esau
ISAAC Abraham, ___, Jacob
ISAAC The pop group Hanson was made up of the brothers ..., Taylor & Zac
ISAAC Patriarch - one with article in pouch
ISAAC Half-brother of Ishmael
ISAAC "Soul Man" singer-songwriter Hayes
ISAAC "Gimpel the Fool" writer ___ Bashevis Singer
ISAAC Esau and Jacob's father
ISAAC Formulator of the law of gravitation, Sir _ Newton
ISAAC Child born to a 100-year-old father

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