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INN Tori and Dean: ___ Love
INN Public house, such as the Woolpack in Emmerdale
INN Stop by the roadside
INN Admiral Benbow, e.g.
INN Danube feeder
INN Danube tributary
INN Place to turn in
INN Where a traveller may get a meal - some dinner perhaps?
INN Place cited but not entered in Luke 2:7
INN Hank Williams, Jr.'s "Hamburger Steak Holiday ___"
INN See 12-Down
INN A hostel in the heart of Colindale
INN Old name for a boozer, such as the Rovers Return in Weatherfield
INN "...there was no room for them in the ___" (Luke 2:7)
INN 'At an ___' (Thomas Hardy poem)
INN It's where you start and end in Dublin to have a drink
INN Boar's Head, for one
INN A keeper may keep it
INN It's smaller than a hotel
INN Current names for watering hole
INN Comfy spot to get a room
INN "Holiday ___" (1942 movie musical that inspired a hotel chain's name)
INN An entertaining place where one is at home to the North
INN Boozer liked being heard
INN Aaron made a false one
INN Small
INN A place to consume some dinner?
INN "The White Horse ___" (operetta)
INN Small hotel or pub: money-spinner to some extent
INN As a local, having a special relationship with, we're told
INN See 51-Down
INN European's heading off to the boozer
INN Place to stay the night
INN Gray's ___ (Camden landmark)
INN "Jamaica ___" (1939 Alfred Hitchcock film)
INN "Vacancy" shower
INN No room at the ___ (problem for Mary and Joseph in the Bible)
INN Posada
INN Sounds like a fashionable place to drink
INN Where there may be no room
INN A hostel environment
INN Habitat
INN Watering hole
INN Resort
INN Place to rest
INN Hotel with a keeper
INN Stop on the way
INN Stop on the road
INN Name on many a motel
INN A home away from home
INN Vacation
INN Gene Simmons "I'm living in sin, at the Holiday ___"
INN Spinning round bar
INN Place to get round maybe in Minnesota
INN Swiss Engadine valley river that flows on to mark part of the border between Germany and Austria
INN Fashionable name for a tavern
INN Trendy name for pub
INN No room at the ___ (Biblical problem for Joseph and Mary)
INN The Stratford, in TV's "Newhart"
INN Place with no room for Mary and Joseph
INN It had no room for Mary and Joseph
INN Popular name for a pub
INN Eatery
INN In a way a refreshing place
INN British public house
INN We hear batting from the pub
INN 1971 Elton John song "Holiday ___"
INN "The ___ of the Sixth Happiness" (1958 Ingrid Bergman film)
INN Jamaica ___, 1939 Charles Laughton film
INN The Admiral Benbow ___ ("Treasure Island" locale)
INN Victorian, perhaps
INN Where to drink some of the gin nowadays
INN Where we may eat out? Not by the sound of it
INN Listing in a travel guide
INN Spot for a rest
INN A traveler's lodging along a highway or in the country
INN Ingrid Bergman becomes a missionary in China in the 1958 classic, The ... Of The Sixth Happiness
INN Roomy place?
INN Where you may stay if you are out surprisingly
INN Pension in Europe
INN Libation station
INN Holiday's follower
INN Rural, quaint hotel
INN Popular name for hotel
INN Kind of establishment the Dragonfly was on "Gilmore Girls"
INN River providing watering hole
INN Place to lay over
INN See 9 Across
INN Place offering food and lodging
INN An establishment in the countryside for entertaining travellers
INN Hotel's kin
INN It provides accommodation in the detention centre
INN B&B's cousin
INN Refreshment place in Turin, Naples, Rome, etc.
INN Pub that's popular: Nag's Head
INN Where one hopes to find an empty room
INN Rustic renter of rooms
INN Drinking establishment
INN Saloon

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