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INCAN Ancient terrace farmer
INCAN Alpaca tender
INCAN Inhabitant of Machu Picchu
INCAN Doing time like an old native
INCAN From an ancient empire
INCAN Fashionable to get tin from former empire
INCAN One of the old people, Bill, about to enter pub
INCAN Like some ancient ruins
INCAN About South American aboriginals
INCAN Apparently a 25 of ancient people
INCAN Describing Machu Picchu
INCAN Concerning an Andean empire
INCAN Like some old Peruvians putting bill up in lodging-place?
INCAN Royal Family member"s doing time
INCAN Which empire ended when conquistador Francisco Pizarro ordered the execution of Atahualpa?
INCAN Preserved from an old race
INCAN Preserved member of an ancient civilisation
INCAN Citizen of an old Peruvian empire
INCAN Of an old empire
INCAN Of an ancient empire
INCAN Of an ancient Peruvian empire
INCAN Like the buildings at Machu Picchu
INCAN Of ancient Peruvians
INCAN Peruvian from pub gets around
INCAN Bill turns up in pub of old people
INCAN Llama herder, once
INCAN Like most Quechua speakers
INCAN Quechua, e.g.
INCAN Cuzco-related
INCAN Atahualpa, e.g.
INCAN Like some pre-Columbian art
INCAN Like King Atahualpa
INCAN Ultimately, film is describing ancient civilization
INCAN Andean
INCAN Old people's home overlooking dump
INCAN One conquered by Pizarro
INCAN Tinned American
INCAN Cuzco resident
INCAN Machu Picchu native
INCAN Early Peruvian
INCAN Ancient South American
INCAN Ancient Peruvian
INCAN Of an ancient civilisation
INCAN Of an ancient Andean culture
INCAN Ancient chicha drinker
INCAN Peruvian native
INCAN Old Peruvian's in jail
INCAN Relating to South American civilisation
INCAN Popular preserve of a South American
INCAN Like some South Americans captured on film
INCAN Like lots of Peruvian ruins
INCAN Where is the prisoner from Peru?
INCAN Ancient Cuzco native
INCAN Pizarro victim
INCAN Early native of Peru
INCAN Like the sun god Inti
INCAN "Yes ___!" (Andes native's motto?)
INCAN Of Andean natives
INCAN Alpaca breeder of old
INCAN Like an old Andean empire
INCAN Machu Picchu denizen
INCAN Like some of Pizarro's victims
INCAN Pyramid builder of old
INCAN Of an empire
INCAN Long-ago resident of Cuzco
INCAN Empire whose descendants live in Peru
INCAN Like King Atahualpa
INCAN Ancient coca cultivator
INCAN Early Peruvian
INCAN I am able to comprehend name of Pachacuti for example
INCAN From early Peru
INCAN Early South American
INCAN Like an ancient Andean civilization
INCAN Like the sun god Inti
INCAN Like some Peruvian pyramids
INCAN Like Machu Picchu
INCAN From Machu Picchu
INCAN Like the deities Inti and Mama Quilla

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