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INCA Ancient terrace farmer
INCA Language of the Golden State?
INCA One can turn out an Indian in Peru
INCA A ruler of the Inca Empire (or a member of his family).
INCA Old ruler could be a new accountant
INCA Original type in South America or in part of Western US
INCA One from South America and one North, going to Central America
INCA Former indigenous people of Peru
INCA Where Schwarzenegger governs old native Americans
INCA Women's Institute ring nationalist old people from Andes
INCA South American at home near Colombia's borders
INCA Language once used in Spain (Catalan)
INCA Born in South America and established in California
INCA Old native"s home state
INCA Old American person's home near California
INCA Indian who is in the main, careful
INCA In a certain case, a ruler
INCA Kon-Tiki worshiper
INCA This empire was destroyed when its people mistook invader Pizarro for a god
INCA Resident of the Realm of the Four Quarters
INCA Old Andean person where driver is, without reverse
INCA Civilisation which flourished from the early 1400s to the mid-1500s, when it was destroyed
INCA Old Indian at home with accountant
INCA Installed in sedan, perhaps - but not king or emperor
INCA Old American making some curtain calls
INCA This member of the dominant group of South American Indian peoples is also a variety of anemone flowered dahlia
INCA Their rain god was Apu Illapu
INCA SA Indian
INCA He used to live in Peru in a mountain cave
INCA Ancient Indian from South American
INCA South American picnics regularly with Australian
INCA Chimu absorber
INCA Old South American found in California
INCA Peruvian empire of the 15th and 16th centuries, its capital was at Cusco and it was finally overthro
INCA Ancient alpaca herder
INCA Former South American skincare product
INCA One formerly from the 6 stored in tin can
INCA Machu Picchu builder
INCA Quipu user
INCA Cain could have been responsible for such ancient people
INCA Old emperor"s home ___ castle two-thirds destroyed
INCA Ancient empire builder
INCA 15th century Peruvian Empire overthrown by Spanish opportunist, Pizarro
INCA Old South American fellow
INCA Leaders in new camp as an ancient South American
INCA Tongue almost swallowed by moggy?
INCA Member of a pre-Columbian empire
INCA One under Manco Capac
INCA South American Indian occupying borders of Colombia
INCA Old person in race oddly eclipsed bionic man
INCA In and around a former empire
INCA One in an old empire
INCA S. American Indian
INCA Home state for native American
INCA Member of a native people of Peru before the Spanish conquest
INCA Ancient person's home on half acre
INCA Ancestor of the Q'ero Indians
INCA Cuzco dweller of old
INCA Cuzco inhabitant
INCA Member of ancient Peruvian tribe
INCA Ancient Machu Picchu dweller
INCA How Cain came to be in old Peru
INCA Worshiper at Pachacamac
INCA Member of ancient people at home near Colombia's borders
INCA Popular around American empire
INCA Residents of the Tawantinsuyu empire
INCA Peruvian inmate's face with acne mostly returning
INCA Old Peruvian is one of the characters in Medellin cartel
INCA Pommes ---, classic French dish of sliced, layered potatoes in butter
INCA Old Peruvian at home starts to creep away
INCA Early Peruvians
INCA Indian name meaning "ruler"
INCA Ancient ruler, maybe half American
INCA Old llama herder
INCA Quechua speaker of long ago
INCA Cuzco native
INCA Builder at Cuzco
INCA Atahualpa, e.g.
INCA Old Peruvian about to shore up home
INCA Early Peruvian Indian
INCA Pre-Columbian South American
INCA Andean sun worshiper
INCA Member of old South American Indian people of Peru
INCA One conquered by Pizarro
INCA Yma Sumac's claimed lineage
INCA Paso del ___ (pass in the Andes)
INCA Worshiper of Pachamama (Mother Earth)
INCA Peruvian Indian
INCA Cuzco resident, maybe
INCA Machu Picchu native
INCA Old South American cornered by mountain cat
INCA Early Peruvian
INCA Ancient South American Indian
INCA Ancient Peruvian
INCA Loyal Indian with a Rama
INCA Pyramid builders join Cairo's inhabitants
INCA Ancient civilisation
INCA Can I convert a Peruvian Indian?
INCA Old sovereign in Peru, somewhat incapable
INCA Ancient who used patterns of tied knots for accounting

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