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IDA State known for "Famous Potatoes": Abbr.
IDA First King of Bernicia was found on a mountain in Turkey
IDA Rocky Mountain state: Abbr.
IDA A mountain, either i) on Crete, ii) SE of Troy
IDA Physiologist Hyde
IDA She sounds a duck
IDA "Death Letter Blues" singer ___ Cox
IDA She's a bit of a harridan
IDA She's in peak form in Crete
IDA Moscow's locale: Abbr.
IDA Moscow's home: Abbr.
IDA She shows a bit of trepidation
IDA Girl's name
IDA 43rd st.
IDA Civil rights activist Wells
IDA Ore-___ (hash browns brand)
IDA Home of the River of No Return: Abbr.
IDA Lady unavoidably included
IDA Lupino of the movies
IDA Ancient mount now called Psiloriti
IDA See 1
IDA Mount ... in central Crete was associated with the worship of Zeus in ancient times
IDA "If I knew you were coming ___ baked a cake!"
IDA "If I'd known you were coming ___ baked a cake!"
IDA Stagey princess thought to expend energy
IDA British romance novelist Pollock
IDA Feminine name
IDA Atomic City's location: abbr.
IDA ___ Red (Apple)
IDA Part of Yellowstone Natl. Park is in it
IDA Apple variety. _ Red
IDA State south of B.C.
IDA Where to find Moscow in the U.S.: Abbr.
IDA -- Bell Wells
IDA Dwight Eisenhower's mother's name
IDA Nez Perce Natl. Forest locale
IDA An agency of the United Nations affiliated with the World Bank.
IDA The United Nations agency concerned with the interests of labor.
IDA Mont near ancient Troy
IDA Yammer
IDA Yammer
IDA State that's west of Montana: Abbr.
IDA A first name among first ladies
IDA Mother of Rhoda and Brenda Morgenstern, on old TV
IDA Title girl of Eddie Cantor's theme song
IDA Mountain where the Judgment of Paris took place
IDA Peak where Zeus was worshipped
IDA Cretan peak where Zeus was worshiped
IDA Malcolm's maternal grandmother on "Malcolm in the Middle" (played by Cloris Leachman)
IDA Gilbertian princess
IDA Home of the Salmon River Mtns.
IDA She gets one day a year off
IDA Gilbert and Sullivan's "Princess ___"
IDA Princess ___ (G&S comic opera)
IDA Princess ___, Gilbert & Sullivan operetta
IDA Gilbert & Sullivan's "Princess ___"
IDA Prince Hilarion's betrothed, in a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta
IDA "Princess ___" (Gilbert and Sullivan operetta)
IDA Half of a frozen potato brand
IDA Princess sounding like a duck
IDA Lupino of "Escape Me Never"
IDA Ut. neighbor
IDA Boise's home: Abbr.
IDA St. with a panhandle
IDA Panhandle st.
IDA Yellowstone Pk. locale, in part
IDA US 'Gem State', briefly
IDA It's next to Wash.
IDA St. with both Lewis and Clark counties
IDA Boise loc.
IDA State with a panhandle: Abbr.
IDA A Rocky Mountain st.
IDA It's west of Mont.
IDA State with the highest % of land held by the Forest Service
IDA State whose license plates say "Famous Potatoes": Abbr.
IDA She is involved in a rapid advance
IDA Name of girl or mountain
IDA One of the Rocky Mountain States: Abbr.
IDA Gilbertian Princess would help the first to be last
IDA I'd been given a girl's name
IDA B.C. neighbor
IDA Apple cider girl of song
IDA Mountain of Turkey
IDA State with a pandhandle: Abbr.
IDA Ore.'s neighbor
IDA Its capital is Boise: Abbr.
IDA Gem state, for short
IDA Best Foreign Language Film of 2014
IDA Sun Valley's state (Abbr.)
IDA Where I-86 and I-15 meet
IDA State just east of Ore.
IDA Rhoda's mother, on "Rhoda"
IDA Neighbor of Wyo.
IDA Wyo. neighbor
IDA Wyo. neighbour
IDA Its state quarter has a peregrine falcon on it: Abbr.
IDA State that's north of Nevada and Utah: Abbr.
IDA The Snake R. forms part of its border
IDA Lupino of "They Drive by Night"
IDA "The Trouble With Angels" director Lupino

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