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ICELANDER European head of industry, one touching down by church
ICELANDER Eg a person from Reykjavik
ICELANDER Declare in a way he's from a chilly area
ICELANDER In speech, I slander native of Reykjavik
ICELANDER National flower that's lost in Irish borders
ICELANDER Northern European in really cool parts of Germany
ICELANDER I clean out the German and another foreigner
ICELANDER One near Clare grounds comes back about one who is up there in cold
ICELANDER National reserve network with warning light coming back on?
ICELANDER Fast runner tucks into rice cooked for northerner
ICELANDER One European in family"s the German: here"s another
ICELANDER Antelope in rice, cooked for man of Reykjavik?
ICELANDER I reportedly cast aspersions on European
ICELANDER Just one left with Cinderella, beaten in National
ICELANDER Who might want nicer deal after going bust?
ICELANDER Northern citizen I vilify in speech
ICELANDER European craft to touch down on frozen planet?
ICELANDER Northerner chucked out rancid eel
ICELANDER National I disparage, with sound sense?
ICELANDER Foreigner, one touching down on frozen runway?
ICELANDER One European in family's the German here's another
ICELANDER Native of Iceland
ICELANDER Reykjavik native
ICELANDER European, one winning the lolly?
ICELANDER Western European
ICELANDER European craft touching down on frozen planet?
ICELANDER European cooks rancid eel
ICELANDER Countryman who has an antelope at heart
ICELANDER Unexpected decline at onset of recession involving a European
ICELANDER European diamonds on spacecraft
ICELANDER Native beginning to chase antelope that's right outside
ICELANDER European slipping spirit into fermented cider
ICELANDER Nordic person, one with family around east, turning communist
ICELANDER Kopavogur resident
ICELANDER Reykjavik native
ICELANDER European relic Dane wrecked
ICELANDER N. European, rich without limits, terribly learned?
ICELANDER European cleaner I'd sacked
ICELANDER European brewing cider over spirit
ICELANDER Certain Viking descendant
ICELANDER I cleared out, giving accommodation to north countryman
ICELANDER One European in family's the German: here's another
ICELANDER North Country inhabitant I badmouth audibly?
ICELANDER European buttercup not showing in infrared rings
ICELANDER Reykjavik resident
ICELANDER Foreign citizen in care led astray
ICELANDER Just one left with Cinderella, beaten in National
ICELANDER European, heartily sick over Spanish, English and German articles
ICELANDER Nordic tailor in red lace

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