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HIE Advance
HIE Hurry up and make a small hole in the cask
HIE Hurry
HIE To hasten / to hurry
HIE Hasten to get out of Galashiels
HIE Journey
HIE Step on it
HIE Not square
HIE Scamper
HIE Put the pedal to the metal
HIE Move out
HIE "___ thee to hell for shame": "Richard III"
HIE Ambassador touring island has to make haste
HIE Go in a hurry
HIE Go quickly on a trip, we hear
HIE Move swiftly
HIE Move swiftly
HIE Go fast
HIE Skedaddle
HIE Dash off, to Shakespeare
HIE Flee
HIE Flee quickly
HIE Shake a leg
HIE Bolt, back in the day
HIE Go quickly, archaically
HIE Carry out
HIE Run like heck
HIE Run like heck
HIE Remote
HIE Hurry up, we hear
HIE Take off
HIE Hurry to express a greeting
HIE To hurry / to hasten
HIE Come to call with drug
HIE Use speed and get turned on we hear
HIE One is surrounded by high explosive ___ hurry!
HIE Proceed
HIE 'Speed', said to be high
HIE Get one's rear in gear
HIE He's out of line, so hurry!
HIE Travel
HIE Take off in a hurry
HIE Hasten to remove venom initially from 5 Across
HIE Make haste, quaintly
HIE Pick up the pace
HIE Get going
HIE Hurry up and listen to a salutation
HIE Speed
HIE Go with haste
HIE Go like the wind
HIE Hurry from the church I entered
HIE Move along quickly
HIE Get a move on, quaintly
HIE Scurry
HIE Poetic for 'go quickly'
HIE Go quickly
HIE Hurry; he'll be round about one
HIE Step on it!
HIE Elapse
HIE Hurry, in old fashioned or poetic English
HIE Clamor
HIE Speed off, in merrie olde Englande
HIE Also-ran in 2000
HIE Get moving
HIE Move apace
HIE Repair
HIE Get going fast
HIE Hurry up
HIE Hurry up, we're told
HIE Speed along
HIE Zip along
HIE Skater of cinema
HIE Get a move on and how
HIE Hightail it
HIE What "thee" often follows in Shakespeare
HIE Some of the thieves have to hurry
HIE Hurry up when within earshot
HIE Get along
HIE Fare
HIE A squeaky-sounding "Hurry!"
HIE Pelt along
HIE Betake oneself
HIE Go hastily
HIE Shake a leg, quaintly
HIE Go rapidly
HIE Go for the man protecting one
HIE Go quickly, old-style
HIE Hour on some sundials
HIE Belt along
HIE Get the lead out of your shoes
HIE Quickly make one's way out of Bath, I expect
HIE Report of excessive speed, once
HIE Hasten
HIE Shake a leg, quaintly
HIE Go hastily
HIE Go with speed

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