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HELEN Her face launched a thousand ships
HELEN ___ Gurley Brown, author of "Sex and the Single Girl"
HELEN Woman"s name
HELEN Beauty who was the cause of the Trojan war
HELEN Character in the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey"
HELEN Cause of Trojan War
HELEN Early tennis star ___ Hull Jacobs
HELEN She makes the Spanish chicken out!
HELEN She is in the lending business
HELEN Hunt who won an Emmy and an Oscar in the same year
HELEN US author of 1903 autobiography The Story of My Life; subject of 1962 biopic The Miracle Worker
HELEN First name shared by three Oscar actresses
HELEN Girl's name
HELEN Girl"s name
HELEN She has some lettuce surrounded with a layer of eggs
HELEN Former NZ PM, ... Clark
HELEN Mirren of "The Hundred-Foot Journey"
HELEN Moody tennis player?
HELEN Hunt on the screen
HELEN Hunt or Reddy
HELEN Actress ____ Hunt
HELEN Actress Hunt
HELEN A he-man"s girl
HELEN Oscar winner Mirren or Hunt
HELEN Hunt in the theater
HELEN Euripides play in which the title heroine never goes to Troy
HELEN Chicken eats the French girl
HELEN "Band on the Run" song "___ Wheels"
HELEN He needs a length cut in half for a bright girl
HELEN She cuts the length
HELEN British astronaut Sharman or beauty of Troy
HELEN Dame ___ Mirren
HELEN English actress who starred in The Hundred Foot Journey
HELEN Hunt in film
HELEN The daughter of Zeus and Leda in Greek mythology whose abduction caused the Trojan War
HELEN Queen of Sparta kidnapped by Paris, leading to the Trojan War
HELEN Clytemnestra's half sister
HELEN She ran off with Paris
HELEN Beautiful daughter of Zeus
HELEN Actress Mirren who won a Tony Award in 2015
HELEN Daughter of Zeus
HELEN Daughter of Zeus, born from an egg
HELEN ___ Mirren, James McAvoy and 20D's co-star in The Last Station
HELEN The Queen actress, ... Mirren
HELEN She has a broken heel, by the way
HELEN Dame ___ Mirren, actress who has famously played both Queen Elizabeth I and II
HELEN Ms. hunt of hollywood
HELEN Jack's As Good As It Gets costar
HELEN "Troy" character
HELEN Len? He turned out to be a woman
HELEN Female entertaining the French - Paris loved her
HELEN ___ Mirren plays an eccentric firearm heiress in Winchester
HELEN She"s on the way to get a heel mended
HELEN __ Worth, plays Coronation Street"s Gail McIntyre
HELEN Launcher of a thousand ships, it's said
HELEN Traubel the soprano
HELEN Woman whose abduction led to the Trojan War
HELEN Winchester star, ___ Mirren
HELEN Mirren of 'The Hundred-Foot Journey'
HELEN Actress behind Coronation Street's Rosie Webster who gave birth to her second child this year
HELEN ___ Mirren, actress playing Mother Ginger in The Nutcracker And The Four Realms (pictured bottom)
HELEN ___ Mirren, 52D's co-star in Last Orders
HELEN "Iliad" character
HELEN __ of Troy (mythical abductee)
HELEN Mythical beauty
HELEN Most beautiful woman
HELEN Blind and deaf lecturer Keller who died in 1968
HELEN _ Joseph; her house was Zindzi and Zeni's home when their mother was incarcerated
HELEN "The face that launched a thousand ships"
HELEN 'Sweetheart of the Internet' on the comics page
HELEN Calender Girls actress, ... Mirren
HELEN 1936 Olympic women's 100m gold medallist
HELEN She went to Troy via Paris
HELEN She's outwardly a cackler!
HELEN 68 Down character
HELEN Reddy who's a woman
HELEN Female name
HELEN The Spanish are taken in by a bird, the old beauty
HELEN Oscar- and Emmy-winning actress Hunt
HELEN Abductee in Troy
HELEN Female capturing heart of Menelaus - and that of 2
HELEN Hunt of "As Good As It Gets"
HELEN Mad About You star (----- Hunt)
HELEN She commenced her third term as prime minister in 2005, New Zealand's ... Clark
HELEN Oscar winner as Elizabeth II
HELEN She plays Trixie in Call the Midwife, ----- George
HELEN "The face the launched 1,000 ships"
HELEN 1998 Oscar-winner Hunt
HELEN She made a new start after breaking a heel
HELEN Dancing queen of yesteryears?
HELEN Singer ____ Reddy
HELEN Singer-actress who played Viv Harker in 1980s ITV soap Albion Market
HELEN Bridget Jones's Diary author ... Fielding
HELEN ___ Keller, first deaf and blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts
HELEN - of Troy, classical beauty in Homer's Iliad
HELEN Stage/film actress Ms. hayes
HELEN Trumbo and Woman in Gold actress, ___ Mirren
HELEN Treasure for Paris Commune Le Havre's seized back
HELEN MP for Mount Albert, 1981-2009
HELEN New Zealand prime minister Clark

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