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Prior Clues for:
HEH "That's sorta funny"
HEH Schemer's laugh sound
HEH Muted laugh sound
HEH Email chuckle
HEH Villain's chuckle syllable
HEH Beavis and Butt-head chuckle
HEH "That's funny..."
HEH Part of a Homer Simpson snicker
HEH Snicker sound
HEH Little laugh
HEH Schemer's chuckle, when repeated
HEH Restrained laugh
HEH "Beavis and Butt-head" laugh
HEH Bit of forced laughter
HEH Nervous laugh
HEH Derisive laugh
HEH Part of a snarky laugh
HEH Half a sly laugh
HEH Self-satisfied sound
HEH Half a devious laugh
HEH Part of a self-satisfied laugh
HEH Part of a sneaky response
HEH Outburst from Beavis or Butt-Head
HEH "That'll show 'em!"
HEH Expression of scorn
HEH 'I'm clever' chuckle
HEH Sneaky laugh syllable
HEH Fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet
HEH Unit of Elmer Fudd laughter
HEH Snickering sound
HEH Sneaky chuckle
HEH The laugh of someone who's up to no good
HEH Half a laugh
HEH Half a laugh
HEH Devious laugh
HEH Nervous little laugh
HEH Sound of disbelief
HEH Little chuckle
HEH When repeated, a snicker
HEH Little snicker
HEH "They'll never suspect me!"
HEH Snicker syllable
HEH "That's pretty cute"
HEH "Yeah, I bet you do..." laugh
HEH Forced chuckle
HEH Laugh sound
HEH Plotting chuckle
HEH Sly laugh sound
HEH Sound of a brief chuckle
HEH Scornful cry
HEH "Beavis and Butt-head" chuckle syllable
HEH Snicker syllable
HEH Chuckle syllable
HEH Sneaky laugh
HEH "I suppose that's kinda funny"
HEH Chuckle soundend
HEH Sneaky chuckle
HEH Hand-rubbing chuckle
HEH Sneaky laugh sound
HEH "That's sorta funny"
HEH Palindromic laugh syllable

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