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Prior Clues for:
HALLS "The ___ of Ivy" (radio and TV sitcom)
HALLS Lounges
HALLS Places for runners
HALLS Residences
HALLS Houses
HALLS Educations
HALLS Large rooms
HALLS Concert sites
HALLS Theaters
HALLS Playhouses
HALLS Stages
HALLS Courts
HALLS Arenas
HALLS Meetings
HALLS Places
HALLS Passes
HALLS Assemblies
HALLS They are decked with holly
HALLS Foyers
HALLS Gamblings
HALLS Entries
HALLS Convention sites
HALLS The ___ of justice
HALLS Everyone to be accommodated in empty houses or rooms
HALLS Large meeting-rooms
HALLS Churches
HALLS Buildings for public events
HALLS Student accommodation holds over two learners
HALLS Gymnasia
HALLS Gymnasiums
HALLS Venues
HALLS Entrances
HALLS Campus buildings
HALLS Amphitheaters
HALLS "I dreamt I dwelt in marble ..." (The Bohemian Girl)
HALLS High-school walkways
HALLS Montezuma's dwelling of song
HALLS Carnegie and others
HALLS Manors
HALLS Schools
HALLS Artist gets left in rooms
HALLS Passages
HALLS Passages
HALLS Passageways
HALLS They're decked with boughs of holly
HALLS "From the___ of Montezuma"
HALLS Enclosures
HALLS Chambers
HALLS Entryways
HALLS Musics
HALLS ___ Pictorial Weekly was a popular RTE show in the 1970s.
HALLS Entrys
HALLS John ..... , 2003-06 Stoke midfielder who last played for Wycombe in 2011-12
HALLS Concourses
HALLS Gateways
HALLS Assemblys
HALLS Passageways in a house
HALLS Everyone to be housed in empty homes or rooms
HALLS "Vapor Action" brand
HALLS Ballrooms
HALLS Assembly rooms in the church, all superb
HALLS Campus buildings
HALLS Lobbies everybody in the Houses, first and last
HALLS Rideau, et al.
HALLS Livings
HALLS Staterooms
HALLS High school walkways
HALLS College buildings
HALLS Corridors
HALLS Places for monitors in grade school
HALLS Things to deck
HALLS Are marble ones dream accommodation?

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